Pap wrong/visible wound/ stage 2/4 cervical cancer

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Hello, bad sad thing happened to my loved girlfriend stage 2/4(still question) cervix cancer.

Short story, Shes 27 started doing paps 3 years ago all negatives First pap she did 25 all went fine then second last year but also went negative PAP was taken by nurse without gloves when she was taking it stick and her hand was in blood she said oops a bit blood also said theres visible wound (which nurse told is not curable) inside , then she asked do you feel any hurting during inmacy she said no then nurse said hm strange, do check pap after 1 year. Then family doctor knew about wound but didin't do anything like more examinations or anything said everything fine but said you are in risk group(didin't even explain what or why then didin't send to do HPI test??)

Few weeks ago she did third pap which showed positive then they took biopsy which showed also positive (without mri or anything family doctor suggested it's stage 3 she asked why she said its guess)

We went to other private doctor which said tumor is visible by eye also that wound(by now was coin size) needs examination, they did examination and said it became cancerous, we did mri results came bad doctor first said second stage cancer visible perfectly in cervix but she asked then did you move during mri?Girlfriend says no and thinks no but who can lay 1hour without movement in old mri And she asked this because results are not clear and look like stage 4 metastised to other parts(not brain or lungs)

We are going to private new mri technology (bio) device which takes 15-20mins after 3 days

About symptoms:She have pelvix pain/back pain 6-7/10 And today started bleeding. Emottionaly it's very hard cause probabbly it's stage 4... No other symptoms Cbd/cbg doesen't help to relieve pain.

We also found some dendritic cell therapy which have 0 information about success also costs tons of money.. and question would it even help..

Any thoughts how bad it could be? Private doctor says cancer isin't noticed by time and cured probabbly stage 4..But pap showed all negatives, but thing is family doctor didin't even care about wound...Said everything fine if she would say need examination we would've done everything to examine..Either she even didin't say about cancer visible by eye..Private only said..

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m sorry to read what your girlfriend has been going through and all of the confusion which has arisen. I’m not sure from your post where you are based, but I notice you mention a private doctor. Are you in the UK or overseas? 

    The members of this group are either cancer patients or carers, and none of us are medical professionals so unfortunately we are not able to give any opinion, for example, about what stage a cancer might be.

    You would be welcome to ask a question of our nurses via this link-

    Ask A Nurse

    You would need to allow a couple of days for any reply, and bear in mind that Macmillan is a UK based charity, and as such can only give advice about medical treatment etc in the UK. 

    I hope you are able to get some clarity soon about your situation, and things are not as bad as you imagine.

    Sarah xx

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  • From europe overseas,

    Yes , but the main thoughts are about wound(coin size)

    and how it could've gotten to stage 4 if pap was done 1 year ago which was paid bit more for pap test so will take from better place or better instrument (don't quitly remmeber right)..If private doctor says it's slow growing..Why family doctor said it's risk group but didin't even do HPI..Or examine wound inside..

  • Hi again  

    I’m sorry, but we in the group cannot answer the questions you have or make any speculations about the reasons for what has happened to your girlfriend. I would suggest you ask the private doctor and the family doctor to explain things to you both and wish you well in receiving some guidance from them.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi, I am so sorry to hear about your experience- I wondered how your girlfriend was going now?