3cm Mass Lesion hanging from Cervix

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Hi, I had bleeding start over the weekend & then went to the doctors who noticed a 3cm mass lesion hanging from the cervix. I’ve been referred urgently to get this tested. I’m just scared , as single mum of 2 kids. What’s the chances of this being cancer (which I have been preparing myself for) but what stage is this likely to be or what grade? Anyone had this ? Or know much or able to offer any information ? X

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    You must have had a terrible shock at the doctors to find this out after your bleeding, but it definitely needs investigated.

    In the group we are either patients or carers so we are not able to give an opinion on what this might be I’m afraid. Even a doctor would not be able to say for definite what it might be without further investigation, so preparing for a cancer diagnosis might be a bit premature-it could be something benign like a cervical polyp.None of us could guess at the chances of it being cancer or not, and equally it’s impossible to make a guess at stage or grade if it does turn out to be cancer.

    You may have a biopsy taken when you go to be checked, and this would allow the tissue sample to be analysed in the lab. IF it is cancer, they will be looking at the cells to establish the grade. Cells are graded as 1,2 or 3 depending on how they look under the microscope with grade 1 looking more like normal cells, grade 2 being a little more abnormal and grade 3 cells being the most abnormal and least like normal cells. 

    Cancer staging depends on the location and size of and tumour and whether of not it has spread, either locally or further away from the primary site. However, without a cancer diagnosis, this may well not apply for you at all. 

    It’s best at the moment just to sit tight and not automatically think the worst. I appreciate that you’re scared, and of course worried being a single mum. I know it’s hard to wait without knowing but hopefully you will not have to wait long for your referral where the gynaecologist can investigate further. 

    I hope you’ll come back and let us know how you get on, and there is support for you here if you do get a cancer diagnosis as many of us have been through diagnosis, and surgery or treatment. 

    Sarah xx

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