Radical hysterectomy 1A and scans

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On Friday I had my results back from my ct contrast scan and mri which showed no more spread,I was 1A so microscopic,would the scans have picked up anything anyway if it was only microscopic? Current plan is laparoscopic radical hysterectomy in 2-3 weeks.Im paranoid that laparoscopic won’t be as good as open (from what I’ve been researching)I know there’s less bleeding and quicker recovery times but what else?

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    It’s very good news that your cancer hasn’t spread, but you are correct in thinking that scans cannot pick up microscopic cells. However, they would pick up anything of a size to be of concern, so I’d try not to focus on worrying about anything microscopic. 

    My surgery was open abdominal, but much bigger than a radical hysterectomy, so it wasn’t possible to be done laparoscopically. However, your surgeon will be carrying out the surgery in the safest and best way for you. Open abdominal is a major operation to go through, with a longer recovery time, but can I ask what makes you think the laparoscopic won’t be as good? The focus will still be on removing everything with a clear margin around and getting rid of the cancer. 

    I had laparoscopic surgery last year for an issue other than cancer, and recovered very quickly with minimal discomfort and no post op issues. It should be similar for a laparoscopic hysterectomy. Have you talked through your concerns with your surgeon/consultant to get some more reassurance on the reasons for choosing this method? That might help allay your worries.

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