LVI discovery after radical hysterectomy

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Hi, diagnosed with cervical cancer in August 2023, I’m now going in to week 4 recovery following my radical hysterectomy. Just had a discussion with my consultant who says that Lvi has been detected- 21 nodes removed were negative . Now have to wait for an appointment to discuss further possible treatment options. Stage 1b2 was confirmed and a tumour 3.5cmsx4,5cms found. What are other’s experiences? For the first time since diagnosis I’m having a bit of a wobble! Interested in options, success stories etc Thank you x 

  • Hi  

    I’m really sorry to read you’ve had this unexpected shock from your pathology results. I can understand why it’s shaken you when the hope is that everything is done with after surgery.

    I’m not able to share any personal experience as I didn’t go through this following my pathology results after surgery, and I haven’t needed additional treatment, but I hope someone in the group will have relevant experience to share. 

    I hope you won’t have long to wait for your appointment to discuss the next steps, and that you are otherwise recovering well from your surgery.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Lemonade47

    2017 I was diagnosed with node negative stage 1B2 (old Figo 1B1) squamous cell cc, tumour size 3.8cm, and had a robot assisted RH.   Post op histology showed LVSI, PNI (perineural invasion) and a close margin and I was restaged to 2A1.  So fairly similar to you, I guess a bit worse although your tumour was a bit bigger than mine

    I was then robustly advised to have chemo-radiotherapy which I agreed to.  I found out a couple or so years later that the decision about chemo-radio had not been unanimous - not sure it helped to know that as a hindsight thing!  I don't know what  I'd have decided if chemo-radio had been offered as an option rather than firm advice.

    I'm still here 7 years later and as far as I know still NED but I didn't come off too well in terms of side effects and I went through a phase of wishing I'd asked more questions e.g how my prognosis compared with and without the chemo-radio. But prognosis is one thing and what actually happens is another - not even the best doctor can know for sure.  All we can do is give decision making our best shot and move forward.

    I was diagnosed with stage 2A squamous cell cervical cancer (node negative) in 2017 following symptoms: persistent, watery, yellow vaginal discharge then post-menopuasal bleeding.  My treatment was a radical hysterectomy followed by chemo-radiotherapy.  My long term side effects include lymphoedema and urinary retention which I manage with intermittent self catheterisation.
  • Hi Beth, thank you for your reply. I’m so glad you’re still here to tell your story. I feel like it’s a no brainier and I will of course accept further treatment but I am more scared than I was at diagnosis. X