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Evening all 

I’m just wondering how painful surgery for stage 1a to remove lymph nodes is? Also having the nasty bloody cells zapped off again. 
I can’t take any time off work and I’m worried about the pain after, I’m worried about ripping the stitches open, I feel like I can’t talk to the nurse as she raised a eyebrow when she found out I was working the same day I found out

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m sorry to read you’re having surgery, and I’m afraid I don’t have the same experience to be able to share what this might be be like. I’m not sure of anyone else in the group I can tag into your post to help who has been in the same situation, but there may be someone who reads your post who can identify.

    Can I just clarify with you what you mean by having cells zapped off please? And have you been given the reason for having lymphnode removal for this stage of cancer? It might help us to know a little more about your situation to be able to help. Are you referring to a LLETZ treatment when you talk about “zapping”? It sounds unusual to be having lymphnode removal at this stage.

    I would think that any surgery will require some time off work, but you really should discuss with your nurse how long this might be. If you don’t wish to discuss it with your nurse, then you could call the Macmillan support line-the number is in my signature-and chat with one of the nurses there. Even a small procedure under general anaesthetic in my experience has required me to stay home for 24 hours afterwards with someone with me. 

    I’d encourage you to have a chat with a medical professional as it does sound potentially unwise to attempt to return to work with no time off. Macmillan can also give you advice about working and your rights at work when you have cancer if you think that there might be an issue with having time off. 

    Please come back and let us know how you get on, and I hope you’re able to take any time off you need to recover.

    Sarah xx

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