Hysteroscopy, cervical polyp removal - how long is the recovery time?

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Hi, I'm new to the online forum. I'm so stressed out and need some advice. I went to the GP because of a large polyp looking mass in my vagina, she put me on the 2 week pathway. I saw the gynecologist last week and she saw a "suspicious looking cervix" and a large polyp. I meant to have the polyp removed and a hysterscopy in 2 weeks under general anaesthetic  but the my preop assessment nurse told me I'm anemic, so I can't have the surgery yet until that's resolved. All this waiting is making me anxious! Do you normally get the hysterscopy results straight away or you have to wait until the polyp biopsy comes back? 

I've been googling about the recovery time for cervical polyp removal and hysterscopy, apparently the downtime is a day or two. Is this true? Has anyone had this procedure done, is it painful? My dad has terminal cancer, I go to my parents house every evening to give my mum a break. I don't want to worry them so I'm keeping quiet about this, that's why I'm so keen to know what the recover time is. Can anyone share their experiences? 

Fingers cross there's nothing wrong with me and it's just a polyp, it will be extremely  challenging if I was ill and I have to look after my dad as well. 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I can understand why you’re so stressed with the delays and uncertainty of your situation-you have a lot on your plate to deal with. Do you know how long you might have to wait because of the anaemia? Are they treating this for you now? 

    I’ve not had a polyp removal myself, but I have had a hysteroscopy which was combined with cervical punch biopsies. For me that involved a couple of days of minor cramps and a bit of bleeding but not enough to be a concern. However, having a general anaesthetic would mean you would need someone to drive you home (it’s day case surgery) and to be around for 24 hours afterwards. It should not involve significant “down time” although there is always the risk of infection with any surgical procedure which can delay recovery. You will be given suitable pain relief after the procedure if you need it. 

    You will have to wait for the biopsy results to come back from the lab to get an answer about the polyp, as what is removed will be sent for analysis. 

    I’m not sure if there’s anyone in the group who has had a polyp removed recently, but hopefully if there is they can come in and share their experience.

    Please let us know how you get on, and I hope you’re not waiting too long as I appreciate this can make you anxious when you thought it would be over with soon.  

    Sarah xx

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