Hi, I’m new to the group.

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Hi, I had breast cancer 20 years ago. It came as huge shock to me after all this time to be diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which has spread to my bones and a ‘suspious area’ in my liver. The prognosis I was given is not great and I’m finding it all very difficult and emotional to deal with. 
My first chemo session is this week.

  •   what a difficult time it is for you as you come to terms with the news. I can't say I personally can relate but your circumstances sound somewhat similar to my mum's, every person handles things so differently and no two days will be the same- but as I say to her, be kind to yourself, let yourself feel the emotions...peeved at the world, whatever it may be. Seek support where you can, friends, family, Macmillan, Maggie's. People may struggle as to the 'right' things to say to you but I promise they are all there for you. Sending warm wishes 

  • Hi Milliemoomoo

    I'm so sorry to read about your diagnosis, I too was cancer free for 23 years before being told the devastating news I had SBC in my lungs & bones. I am taking Ribociclib,  Letrozole & monthly Debosumab injection and have just finished cycle 6 of treatment, the side effects have been mostly manageable. I had my results from first CT scan a couple of weeks ago since starting treatment, my bones are healing and everything is showing stable.

    I know how hard it is to come to terms with the news I just cried for 3 weeks & didn't want to even get out of bed. Just take one day at a time & go with your emotions, it does get easier once you start treatment. I do hope you have support from your family & someone to talk about how you are feeling if not there is a Macmillan helpline. 

    Good luck with your treatment xx