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Hi everyone 

I've just joined and learning to navigate this site/forums etc.

Is their anything specific to Capecitabine for secondary BC?


  • Hi,Branwell, If you are anything like me i am still trying to navigate this site 4 years on ha ha. Anyway sorry you have found yourself here with your secondary cancer diagnosis. I didn't have that type type of treatment so i don't know anything about it. You could ask the nurse on this site. You could also fill in a profile page as this helps others now exactly were your cancer has spread too. I am secondary and mine has spread to my bones. Hope you find the answers x

  • Yes. I am on this. On cycle 5. Are you ok? 

  • Thanks, Wino! Love the name Grin

  • Hi

    I've just finished cycle 1 - what an achievement! The fatigue is brutal and I've got terrible indigestion/reflux. How are you getting on?

  • Ah bless you.

    Fatigue does get better. 
    Indigestion. I had that too. Gaviscon didn’t touch it! Email your nursing team or on your next consultant appt, tell them. I have omeprezole. It’s one tablet a day and voila!’ The indigestion has disappeared. 

    Keep going! The further we are away from having to have IV chemo, the better. With this drug you can still pretty much carry on as normal x 

  • Thanks.

    I was having trouble before I started and I'm already on 30mg of Lansoprazole, but it's not making any difference. X

  • Hi Lansoprazole did not work for me either but i take what Cjk22 takes omeprezole and its great no more indigestion x

  • That's very interesting, thank you for giving me hope lol. X

  • I am being advised to take this as a preventative following a lumpectomy that had residual cancer cells in it. How are you finding it?

  • Hi

    I'm on my 3rd cycle and still finding my way with it. My only side effects are fatigue and heartburn/indigestion and eyes more sensitive to outdoor light. The results have been encouraging, regarding Tumour Markers. X