Breast cancer and bone metastases

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Hi all,

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer and bone metastases. Just commencing medical treatment. 
Anyone on here a few years ‘down the road’ with similar diagnosis, please? 

Thank you! 

  • Hi  

    I thought you might be interested in this thread, if you haven't seen it already.

    I'm 'tagging'  into my reply to you as she posted just a few days ago about having bone mets. Hopefully, she'll be able to pop on and share her experiences with you.


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  • Hello Anne. You are no doubt having to come to terms with the diagnosis so thought I would let you know how things have been for me with same metastasis in bones. I have been on three weekly injections of phesgo for the last two and a half years with no further spread my quality of life is good. I just have to pace myself. I’m some of the energy loss is probably down to age! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and read all the positive stories. Thinking of you

  • That is so kind of you to post - thank you very much. Im just about to commence treatment, so it is reassuring to know that you are having a good quality of life after several years! Xx

  • Hi I’ve recently been diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer ,mine is in my C2 in my spine ,had metal plate & screws put in my neck due to this Due to have target therapy very soon ,any advice welcoBlush ,also I was in remission for Breast Cancer 2years and 4 years Paraoid Cancer am being as positive as I can be Blush

  • Hi I also have secondary in my bones , had chemo 6 rounds and have been on phesgo injections for 3 years - so far no change - got a ct scan next week. I can do most things - my main problem is my vertebrae collapsed in spine before started treatment so this makes walking or standing a bit uncomfortable if for a long time . But I still try to live life to the full - going out, looking after my grandchildren etc - so please take heart from all of these positive comments - we can live with this diagnosis and let’s enjoy life ! Good luck to you and lots of love x

  • I was diagnosed with mets to spine last year. (After nearly ten years being NED after last breast cancer diagnosis and treatment). Ongoing on medication which works well for me and last few scans have shown spinal and lymph node issues have all disappeared and bone healing. Happy news. Will continue medication while it works for me :-) many years :-)

    hoping your treatment will work well for you and goes as smooth as can be.

    I found Macmillan helpline very helpful and highly recommend calling them from time to time to get information and support. Also there are a lot of lovely people on this forum for support and advice. Keep in touch. get all the help you need.

    warmest wishes

  • CarlolineD22.  Such a wonderfully positive post. Recent scan showed no spread or change for me which is great. That’s two and a half years now on phesgo. Just wonder if anyone experiences spells of real fatigue when it’s hard to function. Bit like having flu.  They seem to hit out of the blue.  

  • I am so bad at using this  and I am replying to myself!  Great news Caroline. Does anyone have spells of flu like fatigue.which make it difficult to function ?