Genetic testing/sibling prevention

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Hi ladies, sorry this isn't specifically a secondaries question but you re more likely to have the experience I m wondering about if anyone feels able to advise.

My sis in law's sister is newly diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer (thankfully 'only' stage 1)that has confirmed familial genetic component. She's still waiting on the full report etc, and her sis lives in the USA, so it's still a bit unclear, but we know my sis in law will be referred somewhere as soon as the full report comes through.

I m basically wondering if anyone has any experience with their sisters of what happens now and who she ll be referred to, options etc? 

Thanks in advance,

Lucy x

  • Hi Lucy/ 

    I don't have the experience you're looking for but thought I'd suggest that you also join and post this message in the BRCA positive forum where you'll find others who have, or might have, a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, whether they have cancer or not.

    To join just click on the link I've created and, once you've joined, you can start a new post in the same way as you did here.

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