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Hi everyone 

Iv read three or four posts and looked at the headings of some of the posts.  I think I have it easy!!

I had early diagnosis breast cancer 13 years ago and gad my left breast removed with implant fitted.  Then a month of radiotherapy and tamoxifen for 10 years.  I think I was one of only a few thousand to have 10 years of it.

2 years after completion of tamoxifen I started having sciatica type pain down left leg.  Fir almost a year I had the pain, the finally MRI scan revealed 3rd vertebrae in spine cancerous.  So much so the MRI staff wheeled me to A&E and wouldn't allow me to walk for fear of spinal collapse!!  I'd been to palates the night before!!  They removed the vertebrae and put in a small robot looking thing that, 6 months on, has become part of my spine.  They couldn't get all the cancer out, and there is more in my ribs.  I'm now on Letresole.

I'm getting scanned every three months to check for progress.  Today I had my second round of scans and seeing consultant early April.  

Very nervous

  • Hey and hi!

    good luck with the scan, you got this, it’s scary but you’re in good company. My scan is due 2nd week in April so I’ve a bit longer to wait. 

    It’s not a nice thing to have but I’ve met the nicest people who are in the same position. Many offer amazing support regardless of their own position.

    Good luck x

  • I'll send message with my result if these scans when iv been in a week or so.  You must also advise your outcome xxxxx