What's was your symptoms for secondary in bones?

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Hi! I am really worried waiting for my Pet scan results. I wonder what symptoms other people had with secondary bone cancer??

I had my diagnosis 4.5year ago at the age of 34. Now I have pain in my hip on and off pain .Some days I am fine some I can't walk as it is so painful .Can't sleep sometimes as it waking me up at night. I am in group of high risk of reacurance. I am on Zolandex and Letrozole.In my head I feel like something is wrong I know that pain like that is normal.


 Had a phone call from surgeon secretary to book next day appointment to talk about results of Pet scan.

  • For my wife, it was pain. But it was pain that steadily got worse over time, and didn't go away. She has mets in her spine.

    Fingers crossed that your scan comes back clear.



  • Thank you for your response. Hope your wife is doing okay 

  • Have you had your appointment yet???

    I had pain following the 'sciatic' nerve down my left leg.  It was sciatica type pain, but turned out to be cancer in no 3 vertebrae.  Had it removed and 'insert' put in spine.  Unreal what they can do. The pain has gone, but cancer still there.  On letresole.

    Let's know how you get on xxx

  • Hi. Yes. Cancer is back.Pet scan showed that I got it in sternum and lymph nodes around it. They don't know why my hip is painful but you described the pain how I got it as well. Starting chemotherapy soon.