Liver mets and diet

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is there any dietary advice to follow when diagnosed with liver mets? 
I am suffering from upper abdominal bloating and pain and loss of appetite and nausea. Just been diagnosed with liver mets and due to start some sort of chemo soon. 
the tummy pain and bloating is very uncomfortable and I can’t seem to figure out what food makes it worse. 
anyone with experience?

  • Hi, i have no personal experiance of this problem .I do though have a friend who had the same problem with her tummy after her liver mets diagnosis. I know she ate 5 small meals a day instead of 3 larger ones. She told her oncolgist and she got some anti sickness tablets and he put her in touch with a dietitian at her hospital and was given a dietary sheet to follow and what to avoid. all the best

  • Thank you for this. Trying to eat a little more times a day. Plus the anti sickness meds. Hope to start chemo soon 

  • Hi Caroline . I have a liver lesion which at the moment doesnt cause any symptoms, but I also have appendicael cancer which can cause the symptoms you describe . My medical team at Basingstoke (where I am treated) advised me to "eat white " ie any white food or follow the fodmap diet .(google it ).. both of which really help me when it gets bad. X Its worth a try x Sending hugs xxx