Secondary triple negative with mets in liver, bones and lungs

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My history with cancer starts in 2010 when I had Tnbc, successfully treated for 12 years. In 2022 I had a new primary Tnbc and despite having been successfully treated, it recurred 18 months later with mets in liver, bones and lungs. I am currently on weekly chemo, Paclitaxel, and I am doing well. I would like to hear from ladies who have been in a similar situation for a while now and they are doing well - are you having a normal life, are you working, are you thriving? Thanks 

  • Hi LauraPI, my cancer first raised its ugly head in 2004 as breast cancer. Then had the nerve to come back in 2020 as secondary in my bones. I have been on Palbociclib and letrozole for nearly 4 years and have been very well on this treatment. Unfortunatly it has progressed and i am now having a bone biopsy and change of chemo in the next month, just hoping i cope as well as i have in the last few years. But to answer your question yes i have been well and living a normal life. I had to finish work but only because my cancer is in my spine and i had a physical job. I have a posative out look on life and there are things i want to do and i think this helps me cope. I go out with friends, theater, day trips, cinema. If or when i have to slow down i will but until then i will keep going. I wish you all the best for the future.

  • Thank you Wino, my best wishes to you too. 

    • Hi Laura I'm in a similar situation to yourself,  3rd recurrence and this time it's classed as metastatic so can't be cured only treated,  I'm due to start paclitaxel on Friday the 22nd and they're also giving me pembrolizumab 6 weekly, I'm absolutely petrified and feeling like I've completely lost control of my life and my future,  wondering how I can cope and will I ever be able to do normal things ever again.   I'm so happy to read that you're doing well on your treatment it really helps to read positive stories xx
  • Hi tew30.

    I too start paclitaxel on Wed.  I feel exactly  the same as you .  I was diagnosed  in November  22 with metastatic breast cancer  which have gone to liver and bones . Up to now I've been on abemaciclib and  letrozole  and been doing well . My last scan showed one tumour had increased in size.   Since then I can't  snap myself  out of this low mood  .   I wish you all the best and try and stay strong. 

  • Thank you I do certainly need to shake myself out of this,  wishing you all the best,  keep in touch and let me know how you're getting on x

  • Yes i will keep in touch  if  that's OK.    I will certainly find it helpful to  talk to someone  who's going through it too .  Got to stop feeling sorry for myself  and making myself  feel ill  and get my fight back . Take care x

  • Hopefully we can support each other,  it's hard to pick yourself up when you do feel down but I'm happy to listen anytime,  sending positive thoughts and prayers your way xx

  • Thank you.   I'm here to listen too x