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Has anyone had any success on this drug? Ive been on Ribuciclib Leteozole Cape and Paxitaxol without success and starting to despair!!

  • If this doesnt work Im so scared for the future. Getting extremely depressed!
  • Now Im panicking every CT Scan thats its spreading all over my body and there is so much pain all over my body and in my bones.I have spinal cord compression too. Had RT on my lumbar spine and that doesnt seem to have improved the situation.
  • I dont know what to do..
  • Hi Gazetothesky

    While I haven't any experience of the drugs you are asking about I noticed that you haven't had any replies yet so I thought I'd reply to to you to move you to the top of the discussion.  Hopefully someone will be along shortly with an answer for you.

    Best wishes


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