Liver mets

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Hi all I have just been diagnosed with secondary/ metastatic breast  cancer. Mine is in my liver - are there any positive stories from people with liver mets. I have a young family so I really need some positivity.

  • Hello, sorry to read your post. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in my Liver December 2019. I’m still going. I’ve had chemo for 12weeks followed by hormone treatments which was really successful for 3 yrs. unfortunately I new tumour on my liver so I need to go back on intravenous chemo starting next week! I hope you have a treatment plan going forward. I know it’s so hard to keep positive but I really think it’s the best way forward! Hope you get good results take care Karen x

  • Hi Karen

    thank you for replying - sorry to hear about the new tumour but hopefully the chemo will work.

    good luck!


  • Thank you Sarah, the worry now is how am I going feel x

  • Hi Sarahtj I’ve only just seen this post,

    I have the same, two weeks ago I had a ultrasound and Ct and after 5 cemo sessions and 5 immunity injections both have shrunk, 

    unfortunately I didn’t get to do the last ones as they found fluid on my heart. 
    But positive mindset positive thoughts and live in the moment 

    sending love xxHeartsHeart

  • Hi there

    I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my liver last week. What a shock. My original cancer was diagnosed in 2018 and I had a mastectomy, some nodes removed, 6 cycles of chemo, and radiotherapy. Had been on Tamoxifen since.

    Had US and CT scan confirm I had lesions on my liver after having pain and discomfort in my upper abdo (thought it was gallstones!)

    I've started Letrozole instead of Tamoxifen (as I am post menopausal) at 53 and I've to start Ribociclib this coming week.

    To say I am bricking it is an understatement.

    Sending positive vibes!!! Purple heart

  • Jpjump4joy

    so so sorry to hear of you diagnosis, hang in there. 
    Sending love and hugs to you xx

  • Hi I went today after a CT scan. Previously was diagnosed with breast cancer and removal of lymph nodes as 9 had cancer cells. Went for results today and 1cm cancer spot in my liver also. Petrified and now need MRI scan to double check it is cancer. Feel lost and emotional. Know how you feel xxx

  • Aww Hope01, sending a big hug your way. The waiting is torture isn't it? I hope you don't wait long for your MRI scan. It's hard when people say "try not to worry" so I won't say that. At the min I'm waiting on the results of my bone scan. I'm not sleeping very well and just worried sick it has spread further.

    We aren't having an easy time of it. Be kind to yourself and I'm in your pocket for the MRI scan Purple heart x

  • Thank you for this - just been told secondary in liver and needing chemo. Your story gives me some hope. Much needed