Quality of life over length of life

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Hello everyone,

I’ve just had my 80th birthday. I’d like to be in touch with / learn about the experiences of people who have opted for palliative/quality of life over length of life and people who are in the pensioner or older age group

Many thanks


  • Hi Lucy,

    I have a 75 year old aunt who has lung cancer. She has opted against treatment. In speaking with her, she's of the mind that she likely doesn't have very many years left, and would like to enjoy those that she has.

    Of course this is just her choice, but it's a valid choice for anyone to make. Some treatments are very unpleasant, although some breast cancer treatments have few, or at least very manageable side effects.

    Perhaps an honest conversation with your oncologist would help you decide?



  • Many thanks for your speedy response, Andy. Is your aunt having any treatment at all?

  • Hi Lucy, no, my aunt isn't having any treatment at all for the lung cancer.

  • Thankyou again Andy and warmest good wishes to your aunt


  • I am late in replying as I have only just seen this. I had an aunt who was diagnosed at 88yrs. She said she’d had a great life and did not want to end it with the misery of chemo and cancer treatment which in any case would weaken her speedily. She had a wonderful last few months seeing lots of people she hadn’t seen for years and staying with us all. I have had breast cancer at the age of 68yrs, with chemo and the works,  it is tough. If I was older I would opt to enjoy my time. My father had lung cancer, diagnosed in his 60s, and took no treatment. He lived until he was 83. It is all very personal but these are my thoughts and experiences. I wish all the best. Lx