Increased sense of smell ?

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has anyone else experienced an increased sense of smell since starting treatment with Ribociclib fulvestrant or denosumab?

I have and not sure whether it is related to these drugs. But I can smell so many things I could not before. It’s not always useful. Nice to smell a rose, but a supermarket visit can be overwhelming. 

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    That's a really interesting side effect to get and I can see both the good and bad sides to it.

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  • Hi Caroline, yes yes yes is the answer ha ha. It can be a lovely or not so good, I have problems with perfumes especially mens aftershaves and air freshners. I agree totaly with supermarket smells its mind blowing. If i am on a bad day i wear a mask to go shopping it helps a bit. I did ask oncologist why and he said its just random and thankfully not a bad side effect as some, so i think we are stuck with it  but you are not alone,

  • Hi Wino, thank you so much for your reply. . Good to hear I am not the only one and I am not dreaming this.
    I feel I could be a sniffer dog . Yesterday I walked in my local park and could smell the weed a mile away. Ugh. 
    The face mask idea appeals.