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Hi lovely people.

Has anyone been advised to wear masks again this coming winter? I'm on ribociclib and letrozole since June this year for bone mets. I've had cellulitis and 2 colds in that time.

I know these treatments can lower your neutrophils but nobody seems to be talking about covid despite the fact I know 6 people who have had it recently.  

I will ask my oncologist when I see him next month, just wondering if anyone has been given any advice. 

Thank you.

Sea Ranger. 

  • At my hospital the Oncology/Haematology clinics and wards have always insisted on everyone wearing masks. Unfortunately they then send you to have blood tests, pick up stuff from the pharmacy etc. where everyone is mask free. I caught Covid at an outreach blood taking centre even though I was wearing a mask. I have an appointment for my flu and covid jabs on the same day as I pick up my next but one pack of Capecitabine in October  I asked my oncologist and he said the best time is right at the start of the cycle as that is when your bloods and immune system are at their best. Problem is you can ask three nurses the same question (about just about anything) and get three completely different answers.