capecitabine side effects

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When are side effects likely to start on capecitabine likely to start and do they last all through the 'off week'?

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    I haven't had capecitabine but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet.

    I've searched the group for previous posts which mention this drug and found these for you to have a look through. Hopefully you won't get any side effects.


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  • Hi

    I have been on 1300mg Capecitabine for around 8 months now and am getting on really well with it. I don't have too many side effects but am very carful to moisturise my feet twice a day and keep my hands well moisturised all day  My mouth sometimes gets a bit sore bit that seems to come and go and isn't too bad. I hope you get on well with it. 


  • Hi I've been on 1650mg per day of Capecitabine for the last 4 months and to be honest the side effects are t as bad as I thought they were going to be. The worst problem for me is my feet. Ive been getting a lot of blisters where I don't usually get them even though I moisturise my feet every day. Im careful which shoes I wear and alternate often. I've also bought some gel blister plasters which are fab.  Good luck with it x