Secondary cancer spread to chest wall

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  • I had a biopsy  and CT scan and it seems  it as spread  to my chest  wall they are having  there discussions  tomorrow  about  treatments  
  • Has anyone  else had this
  • The symptoms  are right chest  pains  just started  with a cough  restricted  movement  
  • Just wondering  if its treatable 
  • I seem to go from  bad to worse  
  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read of your situation and the pain you having. If you feel up to it, it might be an idea to write your profile so it saves you repeating yourself in your replies. If you click on your username you will see edit profile, don't forget to save after you have written it. I have a different type of cancer to you but wanted to show my support. As champions we are not medical but you may want to ring the Macmillan support line, they are very helpful and will give you support.

    I hope you hear from your team soon and hope that they have some treatment plans for you. Best regards,

    A x

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  • Hi

    i was diagnosed with spread to my sternum, lungs and lymph nodes in January.  Have you had a bone biopsy? After mine they were able to start me on targeted therapy which within the first cycle stopped the pain and the lump has shrunk.  I won’t know until 3 months CT scan whether it is working but it certainly feels much better.  Fingers crossed for you it’s a scary time but things have moved forward so much xx

  • Thanks  so much least that gives  me some  hope about  the pain

    They are now doing  MRI scan on Sunday  but I don't  see the oncology  doctor  until b 18th April  they had there meeting  but to be sure need MRI  results  

    Really  hoping  it's working  for you best wishes 

  • Hi Gez,

    Sorry only just seen this post. I have secondary breast cancer spread to the chest wall. It has shown itself in the form of a rash but so far that is the only symptoms I have. I have been put on capecitabine, a chemo tablet which they say gets good results. Hopefully they'll have come up with some suggestions for you by now.

    Good luck with whatever you're on x