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Hi I have just received my new prescription of Letrozole and the pharmacy have changed the brand from Manx pharmaceuticals to Sun Pharmaceuticals anyone experienced any issues when changing brand? TIA x

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    I hope you don't experience any issues with the new brand of Letrozole.


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  • Hi I had pharma brand for a few months.  My face, lips and skin around my neck reacted badly. My oncologist  stopped by imbrance thinking it may be this that was causing  the bad reaction but still had swollen lips etc so he changed  my brand of letrozol  to Cipla.  Since then I've been ok.  Hope this helps

  • Thanks for responding, your reactions were really concerning so glad they have subsided. I am a week in taking the Sun brand and no dramatic changes although bone and joint pain increased a bit but this may be coincidental. Hopefully things will settle down. I have just had good news on my 3 monthly scan in that there is no spread detected and the cancer is being confined to my breast and lymph nodes ThumbsupTake care x

  • I didn’t do too well on the Sun Pharma brand, as you say more pain than anything. I’ve been in touch with my local Boots Pharmacy and they now look after my prescription and order in the Accord brand for me which according to my breast are nurse is the closest to Femara. I’ve been great on Accord. 

  • That's interesting that Boots are helpful.  I have been trying to stick to Cipla brand.   Last time I collected my prescription  it was  made up of 2 boxes of Cipla and 1 box of Manx.  I asked the assistant in my chosen pharmacy  if they could phone their other branch  of pharmacy in our town (not boots) to see if they had Cipla in . The pharmacist  came to the counter  then and literally  shouted at me saying  his staff were too  busy to make a phone call.   Unbelievable.   Needless to say I've changed pharmacist. 

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    I have tried different brands and I feel the same on all of them, aching feet each brand!