secondary to liver & lymph nodes, pos spine

hiya. I was diagnosed in January that breast cancer has returned in the liver & nodes after 7 yrs! Shock?, not half!!! I had a PET scan and my Tamoxifen was stopped and I was put onto Targeted Therapy Palbocicbob and Fullvestrant tablets (probs not spelt right! 4 months treatment later had another PET scan. Called to Oncologist last week yo be told treatment didn't work!!!!!!! All that side effect 'rubbish' feeling for nothing!!! Not only didnt it work; but there are MORE legions in the Liver, The nodes in the neck & tummy have GROWN bigger, and there are slight signs in 2 places in the spine & 2 in the pelvis that are new! NOW got 3 weeks then intravenous Docetaxel starts.3 week cycles for 3- 6 goes . Not looking forward to this ! I was quite upbeat about the first treatment...Now it failed spectacularly I cannot believe in anything else ... Wondering 'how long' ...can I do this or that..I really want at least one more holiday abroad but  the team has to get me stable first soo goodbye this year 2022....hopefully next year 2023 XXX Rambling..SORRY.. Enough wallowing...Onwards and upwards. Anybody else had these drugs lately??? Anyone faced failure???? . Muste

  • Hi Muste, sorry to hear your news. I too have had a secondaries diagnosis in the liver and spine after 14 years clear, so I know a bit about the shock you are feeling! It came completely out of the blue following an ultra sound I was having on my abdomen for constipation! I was stable for a while on the Palbo/letrozole plan but it has stopped working now and there is progression in the liver and new spots on the lung and I'm due to start another chemo drug Capectibane soon. I try to have faith that they at least are willing to try other treatments that are available and hope that I get some stability for another while. Keep strong and I have my fingers crossed for you. Sandra x

  • Hi SAS. Thanks for the reply. It helps to know we are not alone in the struggle! It just knocked me for six that it failed in the first 4 months!! Like 'It's' really out to get me!! Haha. Spoke to friends etc. and am a bit calmer now...what will be - will be! I start on DOCETAXEL into the vein in a weeks time. Crossed fingers for this one though I'm not looking forward to the liquid chemo! Hope yours is a success too....XXX ...Mu