18 weeks paclitaxel - on week 9

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I can't find much on Taxol used on its own for 18 weeks. I am currently on week 9 of 12 but the onc intimated that I may be on it for 18 weeks. If this is the case I will ask for a dose reduction as the fatigue is getting to me for around 3 days a week. I would hope for a short break before the second 6 rounds start. Anyone else had this treatment? It seems to be used in combination with other drugs in most cases. 

  • Hi Dillonsmum, 

    I did 9 of a possible 18 last year; it was very effective in settling my unhappy liver and reduced my tumours. But I had two dose reductions and missed several weeks because of neutrophils and other SE. I stopped because of overwhelming fatigue. If you are still on big dose you have room for manoeuvre! Worth trying as this is a drug that works; I would have kept going if I could!

  • Thanks for that. Will bear it in mind. What are you on now?

  • Palbociclib/ letrozole. I was put straight on to Paclitaxel because my liver enzymes were high. My liver mets have responded more to the palbo, so I guess still ER+. Onc was doubtful because they toScream a biopsy from local recurrence on chest wall which was only4/8 ER+. Much easier than liver biopsy but seems to have reacted more to Paclitaxel. Hey ho, who wants mets that agreeScream

  • I had Fulvestrant and Palbo for 4 months until it became obvious they weren't working. Want to keep on this one as there is some indication it might be doing some good (sternum and associated skin which are visible) Waiting for a CT to see if any effect on lungs, liver, bones. Fingers crossed.

  • Never sure about the bone results; sclerosis increased good or bad! Onc doesn’t seem too bothered, as long as no new lesions. Our whole life seems to be waiting for scans. Do your TM help? Mine are enormous but at least they tend to show direction of travel. Started at 2200, twelve months on reduced to 1130. They were lowest on paclitaxel at an amazing 860…

  • Have just finished my first cycle of three and am on a week off. I was on capecitabine last year which kept bone mets stable and reduced liver mets. On that basis I had a liver resection in January. After a couple of months with no tx due to appt mix up my TM’s went up dramatically. Scans showed progression in bones and new lesions in liver and to cap it all lesions in lung and lymphangitis. 
    Thus my onc wants to get control so here I am. He told me that hair would thin not come out under this regime but sadly it is shedding a lot. I had thinning with palbociclib but this is much worse. I have a wig lined up but I’m still traumatised. Silly I know under the circs. Other than that I’m tired day 4/5 and finger tips a bit tingly but it’s early days. My bowel problems continue from capecitabine but that’s never gone away. 
    Anyway hope it works.

    Best Wishes

  • I was told my hair would fall out on paclitaxel so when it started thinning quickly I chopped it off and went straight to scarves and head coverings. It has never gone completely and I have a nice covering of fluff. Think the next port of call for me is capecitabine, which I am not looking forward to as I am already having problems with my feet. I am already getting into the habit of moisturising with Udderly Foot Cream so I don't get caught out. I get week 9 on Friday, and like you I am particularly tired on days 4 to 6. Luckily with a Friday treatment I feel OK on Saturdays when I really want to be my best for other people. I think the problem is I feel so well Saturdays and Sundays I forget to pace myself so I suffer for it Monday onwards. I don't get a week off as a matter of course but I am going to negotiate a bit of a break after week 12 as I am going away for a long weekend in August.

    1. Hi I’m 60 with secondary breast cancer in sternum and lymph nodes under collar bone. I’ve just finished 18 weeks of pacitaxol. I had it every Monday and was tired Monday & Tuesday, had tingling in finger tips and face but never had to stop or reduce dose. I lost my hair and eyelashes but am using Champo which is helping. The best news is it has shrunk my cancer by a third so it’s definitely a good drug. They have now given me three months off any treatment to help my body recover. Stick with it, it definitely works.