How long have people had secondary breast cancer

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My metastasis are in my pelvis, spine, neck, shoulders and thigh now. I was diagnosed May 2021. I had BC in 2016. It was diagnosed as fast growing and invasive.  It is the same cancer. Bit morbid and I need to ask. Anyone the same as me?  How many years have you lived with SBC and which line of treatment are you on. I am on 2nd line and it is still progressing. 

  • I also was diagnosed in May with cancer in the spine and sternum.  I had breast cancer 20 years ago and thought I had been cured!  I belong to a support group and some of the ladies there have had mets. for some years and leading normal lives.  When I was first diagnosed I was told that it is treatable and from what I read if one medication does not work there are others that will be tried and new ones are coming out all the time.  However, that said it is worrying.  My last scan showed that the medication was working and I will have another scan in February.  I hope things go well for you.  Have a good Xmas and try not to worry too much,  easier said than done!  Hugs to youxxx

  • I have stage 4 breast cancer with bone mets everywhere and tumours in liver abdomen and pancreas. I was diagnosed in nov 2019 and im still fighting. my treatment stopped working 6 weeks ago and they found small tumours in pancreas and abdo so starting capiceptibine this week. i know how you feel its hard you just want to have some hope.  There are loads of treatments and they will keep treating as long as they can.  Ive also said if i exhaust all treatments i want to look at trials and they have said that would be the case.  Try to take it one day at a time and keep fighting. if you want to chat just message 

  • I was diagnosed with lung Mets in both lungs lots of them and liver ...2007...this was following breastn1995!!   I'm now stable and no signs..  I was on tamoxifen for 5 years previous then ..exmestane for 15. I had for lung Mets cabetabine this wasn't working so I  had taxotere .  I'm now on no treatment and fingers and toes crossed they stay away. ...good luck to you all. 

  •  that’s good to hear, and helped me a lot today. Thank you for sharing your story. 
     I am linking to the positive secondary stories thread, that started three years ago. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it but it has links to stories of people who have lived with secondaries for twenty years in some cases and several years in other cases.