Does anyone have experience with taking Ribociclib

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I have been advised the treatment I will be undertaking together with Letrosol is Ribociclib or RIBO (Kisquali) and was wondering if anyone one the site has also been given this and their experience 

Your responses would be very much appreciated


  • Just putting this question up again in the hope that someone has experience of Ribociclib sorry to be a pain all

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    I am taking Kisqali and Anastrozole for breast cancer presenting in the skin. The hope is that the tumour will shrink enough to operate.

  • Thank you for your response.  At present I am on Letrosole and will start Kisqali next week have you had many side effects from it at all.

    They also want to start Bone strengthening soon I am a bit fearful.

    Recently diagnosed trying to stay positive an upbeat is very hard and whilst family have been very supportive they also truly don't know.

    Hope the combination is working for you


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    Hi IamLyn,

    I didn't find the Kisqali had any side effects apart from a little diarrhea. 

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling fearful and the family not really understanding. The Kisqali has halted the progression of the tumour but they are hoping to shrink it so I can have it operated on. I am seeing the oncologist next week so will know more.

    I have not had bone strengthening - why do you need that?


  • Hi Dragonfly

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    I need bone strengthening as I have the start of osteoporosis so they think this may also help but need to wait until gum heals from a tooth extraction.  I had been meaning to have tooth pulled for a little while and diagnosis gave me a kick up the bum.

    I am in limbo until May to see if Letrosol and Kisquali has halted progression so it is a unsettling time until then so I guess if Kisquali does not give me an upset stomach the wait will Slight smile

    Gool luck with your appointment next week

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