Giving chemo a break, is that right?

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Hello My mum has been battling metastatic breast cancer for over 5 years, with a near constant run of chemo the last 18 months.

The chemo is unfortunately not stopping the tumours/growths which is why they keep switching up the chemo. Her latest round has finished and again, the cancer on the liver is growing so they want to switch chemo again.

However, my mum has asked to stop treatment until the new year (8 weeks without treatment). This is mainly due to her daughters wedding in December and wanting to enjoy it and Christmas.

I understand her reasons, and shes the one going through this so its her decision, but is that wise? As her cancer is still growing WITH chemo, couldn't it be more harmful to have nothing for two months?

I guess what i'm looking for is anyone who has done something similar with little to no repercussions.

Thank you

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    I'm really sorry to read about your mum's ongoing battle with cancer and I can understand why you'd be concerned that she wants to take a break from chemotherapy. I presume that she's talked this through with her oncologist and s/he's happy for this to happen.

    Although I don't have the experience you're after I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. It could be that no one here has this experience and that is why you haven't had a reply. However, by replying to you it will nudge your post back to the top of the page so if it was missed by someone when you first posted they might see it this time.

    While you're waiting to see if you get a reply you could post your question in ask a nursewhere one of the specialist nurses will aim to get back to you within 2 working days, or post it in the 'chemo' thread of the breast cancer group, which I see you're a member of. I'm also tagging  and  as they are breast cancer community champions and they may be able to help further.


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    Hi I read this and hope I can offer some reassurance. I had breast cancer 5 years ago and have had secondaries in the bone, and liver for 18 months. Due to a mistake after a lot of failed cycles of meds I was off meds for about 4 months. I was torn as on one hand I felt better but on the other I was concerned about the cancer growing inside. 

    Miraculously when I had my scans for the first time ever the cancer had actually shrunk. My oncologist spoke about chemo staying in the system for months. 

    I returned to taking different meds and although the secondaries have stayed stable another primary has developed in the other breast. 

    However recently I have managed to get to the end of a cycle of a new drug without too many side effects and am hopeful that things will be good again. 

    Quality of life is a big consideration try to trust your mum and support her decisions. 

    Hope you all have a fun time over the season and at the wedding. 

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    did u hv ur chemotherapy fr primary BC

    hwcdid u find out the metastasis?

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    I had surgery, chemo and Radiotheraphy in 2014 and it was thought they had got all the cancer. But in 2017 I was involved in a slight bump as a passenger. No damage done but when I went to get out of the car l was in agony. Days later I was still in pain and the GP sent me to hospital. It all happened quite quickly and within a week a spinal specialist said he feared it was cancer in the spine and referred me on. 

    We (me and my husband) shed tears when first told and again six months later when the cancer kept growing and then spread to the liver. 

    I struggle with most meds even everyday over the counter stuff so my oncologist has had his work cut out. He has made some mistakes along the way but I am hopeful that by learning from the mistakes we will eventually get it right. 

    At one stage the prognosis seemed very bad but it is better again. 

    You have to learn to live with the ups and downs but it is not easy. I will see another Christmas this year and it is a bonus. At present I feel like I could see another 10 a month ago I was worried this would be the last. You have to take each day as it comes and having good friends and family backing you makes alot of difference. 

    Take care on your journey 

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    Did u have any scans in the past 3years?

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    Thanks dear 

    Wat was ur stage ?

    yes u r right every day is a blessing 

    will b starting my chemo tomorrow 

    need prayers

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    Hi Sasha as hope all going ok and you have started your meds. 

    I have been visiting my grand children for a few days. 

    My cancer is diagnosed as grade 3 stage 4 but I don't think it makes much difference it is still very different for everyone and even life expectancy is very different. 

    My oncologist does scans about every 6 months. 

    Good luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

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    Wish u a long healthy life a head 

    thanks fr all the prayers.

    i am also trying this 

    if u don’t mind and if u r willing to do this it’s up to u

    plz listen to recitation SURAH REHMAN by qari Abdul Basit 3times a day and keep ahalf glass of water near u after it finishes drink tat water with full faith that u will b on line plz abt this recitation 


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    Thanks  i understand people and their needs are different but my faith is only in God and I accept what he has planned for me. So far he is doing a pretty good job keeping me here to support my family. That is not to say I don't get down from time to time and need support from others after all we are all human. 

    Hope you find peace in your situation. 

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    Yes thisfaith in god is keeping u wel ,he can do miracles,I hv to learn frm u abt ur strong faith ,wish u good luck