Radiotherapy cough?

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Hi, all. I finished chemo in April and radiotherapy 4 weeks ago (hallelujah!) and have been recovering slowly. I've developed a dry, irritating cough in the last 10 days and it is getting on my last nerve. I have no high temperature or other signs of infection and I thought I would check here to see if anyone else experienced similar after radiotherapy treatment? Thanks in advance.

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    I didn't suffer with a cough after radiotherapy but I did have a sore throat whilst having it. The radiotherapy nurse didn't think it was connected, as the radio waves weren't being directed close enough to my throat, and sure enough it soon went.

    After I'd finished treatment I was given a contact number for a late side effects clinic that my hospital has. Do you know if your hospital has something similar? If not, I'd be inclined to ring my breast cancer nurse if I was in your position.

    I hope you can get rid of this cough soon.

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  • Thank you. I'll do that on Monday. 

  • Hi there, I had a cough towards the back end of radiotherapy back in March. Went to Gp as advised but was quite dismissive. He reluctantly sent me for an X-ray which came up with nothing sinister however I was still coughing. No temperature or other symptoms, just an unproductive cough that eventually turned productive. Anyway I decided to bring it up again with consultant at my next appointment which was May. Sent for CT scan which showed radiation pneumonitis.  I’m now on second week of steroids to treat it, although I feel like it’s a little too late and damage may not be reversible. My regret is I delayed in chasing for someone to do something and my advice is get on them on Monday as you’ve planned just so you can get treatment if it’s indicated. Best wishes