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I had my routine mammography follow up yesterday. Just wondering if there was something showing up, how quickly does the breast unit contact you. I suppose no new is good news.

  • Hi Catsworld

    In my experience if something shows up in your routine mammogram they recall you within two weeks.  It can depend on how busy your breast clinic is.

    Best of luck with your results.

    Best wishes


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  • Oh yes no news is good news.  I live in Florida and when I got my post treatment mammogram done the radiologist looked at it right away so I knew it was fine.  I also had US scheduled too if needed so maybe that is why I knew the outcome.  I have to go in August for mammogram and I get apprehensive now before I go and never used to be that way before BC.  
    llet’s pray for negative mammogram.  Take it easy too.


  • Hi Catsworld

    I had my routine mammogram, appointment 14 days later for further tests, at this mammogram and biopsy they said it was a small cancer, had this confirmed 9 days later. Appreciate different parts of the country may vary. Hopefully you will get your results soon

    Best wishes