First Chemo

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I just wanted to let anyone who is waiting for their first chemo session and feeling anxious about it know that yesterday I had my first one and actually it wasn't nearly as bad as I had convinced myself it was going to be!

I had two drugs injected into my thigh - a bit of a sting but not as bad as a numbing injection at the dentist. Then a wait of 40 minutes before I could have my 2 hours of IV chemo.  In the interim they gave me a sarnie and, joy of joy, a rice pudding! Lots of TLC from the nurses, everything explained, plenty of cups of tea. Had to get used to popping to the loo with the cannular in my hand and the stand with the meds hanging from it. Handy hint - wear something loose and elasticated so you can get yourself sorted for a pee with one hand!

I was sat next to a lovely lady who was on session lnumber 5 and full of inspiration.

Today I feel tired due to the steroids keeping me awake but only very slightly queasy (drinking ginger tea has more or less cured that). I've managed to more or less have a normal day, albeit with a rest after lunch.

Given that I'm a self confessed wimp with a tendency to over dramatise I can say now that it hasn't been nearly as bad as I'd built it up to be. I'm conscious that it could get worse but I just wanted to let anyone else about to start know that it's not necessarily going to be as awful as you might be thinking and try and reassure you all that you will be fine.

Sending everyone hugs .

  • Hi Christalia24 welcome to the forum and I am delighted to hear how well the first session of chemo has gone for you..It is so great that you have thought of others at such a challenging time for you and are willing to share that for the benefit of others just starting out. Thank you so much for sharing and sending very best wishes to you for the rest of your treatments. Xxx


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  • Thank you. I hope you are doing well. The 'cancer coaster', as I like to call it, isn't an easy ride. I've only been on it since 8th May but have already experienced how much things can change in a small amount of time. You get your head round something to be told it's not going to happen that way after all! I had been told I wouldn't need chemo but there I was Monday having my first session - during which I was given a present - a little box of self injections that I have to start tomorrow. Nobody had warned me about that! My husband and I have decided to name the process "grab the flab and give the jab". 

    Big hug to you too.

  • Hi Cristalia24, thank you so much for sharing your first chemo experience.I am sorry you going through this, I know it’s hard and understand you were scared, exactly how I feel right now.I had mastectomy and DIEP end of April believing I’m not gonna need any chemo or radiotherapy and here I am now waiting for a CT scan and Prosigna results. So soon to start chemo which I am scared the most. Send you hugs and best wishes xxx

  • I'm sorry you have ended up needing chemo too. It's so hard to get your head round the changes in treatment plan. Do you know when your chemo will start and how often you will have it? 

    I was advised to buy some chemo sensitive skin care stuff by a friend and I bought some Moo Goo products that are lovely. I've found drinking ginger tea has helped with feeling slightly queasy today. You need to keep well hydrated too. 

    I can't really offer any more advice as it's all new to me too. I hope you have a good support network around you. 

    Big hug Hugging 

  • Ps. How did you find your post op recovery? I'm anxious about having the drains in. 

  • I don’t know yet when, need to have a CT scan and I’m still waiting for the appointment, but the dr said most likely I will have chemoRelieved    I will come back with details once started. 

  • Well recovery it’s a different story .. was very brave and decided to have DIEP, not scared at all, I was almost 100% sure I’m not gonna need any chemo or radio, so going full speed on hopes and everything. Month after the op found out that 2 of the 3 lymph nodes checked had cancer here I am now .. 

    The breast drain was removed day 5, before going home,  been 5 days in hospital in total. The tummy drain I had it for 13 days. Can’t say was easy, but with the right help and patience you can do it. I can’t complain at all, been very well looked after in the hospital, and then at home I had my sisters for a week to help me, and after that on my own. 
    Had to measure the fluid from that drain every morning and call the ward to inform them. 
    I hope I gave a little idea about the drains. 
    Send hugs xxx

  • Thank you. 

    I've been told I'll be going home the same day. 

  • You’re very welcome. 

    All depends on type of the op you’ll have. I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you about that. Don’t know why I’ve got the impression you’ll have the DIEP reconstruction. 

  • Hi everyone , it's been 3 weeks since my 6th and final chemo cycle and it was an " interesting journey " to say the least . Sending big hugs to all of you just starting or who are still on the chemo treadmill . You will get through it but I will leave you with 2 pieces of advice which I found invaluable . 1. Drink plenty of fluids and 2 . Never ever think it's just going to be wind !!!!

    Take care my lovelies