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Hi Everyone,

I just finished all my treatments for TNBC.  Chemo for 5 months, surgery in January 2024, 21 rads treatments and now on Xeloda for 8 cycles.

I had Stage 2A TNBC node negative and it responded very well to treatment.  I just had my 6 month follow up MRI and read the report last night.

I was so nervous that I got in my pajamas, got in bed and scrolled one line at a time.  Couldnt breathe.  Everything looked great - no sign of anything in

either breast.  Then I see "Other" and my heart stops.  Reports says I have an indeterminant sternal lesion and it requires a CT follow up.

I felt scared, deflated, let down, anxious - I decided to turn off the light and go to bed.  Today is a new day and I just sent my doc a message in the portal to 

please call me to talk about where we go from here.  Anyone have anything to share about whats next?  Thanks for being here to support each other!

  • Hi there, I haven't been through a similar experience myself, but I just wanted to reach out and say hello. It's good that you've posted on here and I am sure there will be others with a similar experience.  I hope your doctor responds quickly to explain things a little more and I hope you are not having to wait long for the scan and results.  Best wishes 

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  • Hi  , just wanted to pop in with a hug. I haven’t had this issue and I’m not a medic, but I’ve read here of folk having MRIs which have shown lesions. Unfortunately the MRI doesn’t seem to show whether such lesions are benign or malignant. So more anxious waits to find out. The ones I recall were for liver lesions which after further tests (CT scans I think) were found to be benign. I hope you can speak to someone in the team next week and that any further tests or scans can be done quickly. Love and hugs, HFxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
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  • Hi, I had two of these, but in my spine. Finally diagnosed with a bone scan - they said it was a benign condition that they reckon I’d had for about 20 years. As Happyfeet1 has said, these come up a lot. Your team is being thorough and leaving no stone unturned. But I completely understand the anxiety that this brings. It’s horrible. A further scan will likely give them the info that they need. xx