Possible cancer in my other breast now

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After lumpectomy last year, 3 lymph nodes removed, 15 sessions of radiotherapy and letrozole with terrible side effects, I was finally in recovery and getting my life back together. I then had my annual mammogram and there is calcification in my other breast. I was called back for a magnification mammogram and am now called back for a biopsy.

I am now really scared. Has anyone else been through this scenario? Am I facing surgery again? Was it the same kind of cancer if yours was cancer? Am I looking at chemo this time? Can I have radiotherapy again on the other breast? Why am I suffering so much taking letrozole when this happens?

So many questions and nowhere to ask them.

  • Hi Lainey2

    Sorry to hear that you might have cancer in your other breast.  It's perfectly understandable that you are scared.  After having surgery last year it was discovered that I had cancer in my lympy node so I had a ct scan and they discovered another tumour in my left breast.  I had radiotherapy on my left breast over three years ago and was able to have it again on that breast earlier on this year though they gave me a lower dose and I had to have 25 sessions of radiotherapy instead of 15.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your results and hopefully you'll get the all clear.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi, I went through this in May, my 1st surveillance scan after my BC last year showed calcifications in my other breast. I had further imaging and a biopsy -  and it turned out to be benign - just calcifications not sinister. They have put a titanium marker in to mark the spot - which incidentally does set of airport security !!!  so after 3 weeks of anxiety and thinking of having to go through it all again - it was clear  - such a relief. fingers crossed it's the same for you x 

  • That you. That really helps me think through what might happen.

  • I hope i get the same result as you. Its taking a long time as my first mammogram was may 1st, second may 10th and  biopsy is not till 3rd july. The waiting feels like torture.

  • Hello Lainey2,  I am sorry to hear about this and of course it is stressful.  All the tests and waiting for results are not easy.  I am praying that all is a good result and no cancer.  
    My situation was a bit different as had DCIS in right breast which was found due to calculations on mammogram.  No invasive cancer noted.  I thought that was it and plan was lumpectomy, radiation and then Anastrazole.  But after more tests s very small invasive cancer was found in MRI on left breast .  3mm so plan was changed to bilateral lumpectomies, radiation to both breasts and Anastrazole.  I am sure that if MRI was not done that a few years after my first lumpectomy they would have found that tumor.  It is a real shock to have something in both breasts but it is not always cancer.  Hugs to you.  


  • I have never had an mri but can only hope the calcification is benign