Deja vu!

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Hi all, 

just wondering if anyone here has been in a similar position as me, initially diagnosed November 22 with DCIS, 43mm tumour and sentinel node removed with clear margins, further surgery to remove more nodes after detection of cells from the first surgery, one week of radiotherapy and prescribed letrozole and abemacilib. All of this taking place on my right side.

had first annual mammogram 2 weeks ago and was recalled for further tests, now on my left! they have biopsied a very small area which they identified after a very thorough ultrasound and also removed cells from the lymph node too, I’m now back in the familiar ‘limbo land’ waiting on results, trying to set it aside and not obsess about it but can’t help it today! Has anyone had similar circs and what was the outcome? 

thank you, best wishes Two hearts

  • Hi Bailey15

    Sorry to hear that you  were diagnosed DCIS and are not facing another possible breast cancer.  I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer nearly four years ago in my left breast and after having chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I was given the all clear.  After my second yearly mammogram last year I was recalled for a possible diagnosis of breast this time in my right breast.  Unfortunately it turned out to be breast cancer again.  This time the breast cancer turned out to be er & pr positive.  After having treatment again I am now cancer free again.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your results and hopefully you'll get the all clear.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Daisy53,

    thanks for your reply, I finding it very frustrating tbh I thought I’d done my stint with this at least for a little while longer just feel like it’s a slap in the face just when life is back on track! I also wonder why I’ve been taking the meds for the last year pumping myself full of goodness knows what when it’s potentially returned already! 
    however I know I need to remember nothing is confirmed yet and it’s caught early if it has come back xx