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Hi There

My Mum is 80 years old and is just diagnosed with stage 2 oestrogen positive breast cancer.

She had surgery and yesterday she had consolation with oncologist.

They are giving her 15 rounds of radiation and Letrazol pill.

Since I am myself on Letrazol  and have so many side affect from it , I am scared that this is a right path for her. I am worried because of her age, she already has osteoporoses. I am worried  that this will be too hard for her.

I heard that sometime Tamoxifen is offered for ladies above 70 years old because is little bit less harsh.

Please let me know if any of you amazing ladies have similar experience? Any pros and cons of deferent aromatase inhibitors in women above 70 years old?

Thank you


  • Hi Marlen Spike

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear about your mother's breast cancer and that you were diagnosed with cancer yourself.  The chances are that her oncologist put her on the same pill as you because they think she can cope with it as everyone reacts differently to treatment.  However I'm sure if your mother finds it hard to cope with the medication her oncologist will change it to tamoxifen.

    Wishing you and your mother the best of luck with everything.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you Daisy!

    wish you all the best


  • I was somewhat younger (64) & Stage 1. However, my oncologist agreed tamoxifen instead because I have joint problems as, though less effective, she was happy that the risk difference would not be that great. 

  • Thanks Verma

    She is 80 and have already bone problems that’s why I was thinking tamoxifen would be better for her. 
    I will call her oncologist on Monday and have conversation about it.

    have a nice day and thank you