Mid-diagnosis query

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Hi my mum (78) is mid diagnosis. So far she’s had scans and biopsies done on a 35mm lump in her breast and a small lump in her arm pit. 

We went to the consultant yesterday to get the results and what we thought would be details of the treatment plan. They said the main lump has come back positive for non-hormonal cancer but the enlarged lymph node in the arm pit was inconclusive. He said she also had 2 other enlarged lymph nodes in the breast and 2 lesions. So she’s now going for an MRI with dye and then more biopsies on the arm pit lymph node, other lymph nodes and lesions. 

It all seems a bit confusing with lymph nodes and lesions - from peoples experiences could these be cancerous too? I know no one can say for my mum, but wondering what others experiences have been when they’ve had similar? Did they turn out cancerous also or something else?

Appreciate any comments or thoughts thank you 

  • Hello. Sorry to read this. From my experience and understanding there will only ever be a positive or negative cancer diagnosis from a biopsy, so you will need to wait for more results for your mum. The MRI will show indicate any areas that may need further investigation. It’s tricky getting through this diagnosis period, but always best that the consultants have the full picture before planning treatment. Hope this helps a little.