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Hey all. 

I am 6 weeks post op after having a lumpectomy. I wanted to ask if it's normal to have hard lump, redness and some bruising still? I was given antibiotics 4 days ago and not much has improved. Is this something that will go away on its own in time and I'm being inpatient  Slight smile

  • Hi Fannyanne

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with breast cancer.  The hard lump is probably scar tissue from the operation.  While I don't remember the redness  and bruising six week after I had my lumpectomy I don't think it's too unusual, I'm a fast healer.  If you are still worried about it next week give your breast care nurse a ring and I'm  sure they'll be able to put your mind at rest.

    Wishing you the best of luck with whatever comes next for you.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you for replying Daisy. I just didn't want to overreact unnecessarily. I am worried aboit the redness, as it looks angry. I am seeing my oncologist today so hopefully they can take a look but I'm not sure that's there department. 

    Hope you are well

  • Hope your appointment went well and a treatment started for you.  Hugs to you.


  • Thank you Blush my appt went well and my breast is starting to look a bit better. All this treatment has me anxious but I'm trying to let it get the better of me. X