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Hi everyone

I’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts and lymph nodes on one side. After 3 weeks of mental agony while many biopsies, MRI, CT scans etc. took place, I’ve just been advised they can’t see any further spread beyond that which is such a relief.  Will be starting 5 months of chemotherapy next week, surgery in 5-6 months.

was keen to join this forum and speak with others with breast cancer and share support.  Prospect of bilateral mastectomy is very scary but with several breast tumours, staying alive is my overriding emotion beyond the fear!

  • Hi sonic boom

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts and in your lymph nodes. It’s great that there hasn’t been further spread.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment.

     Best wishes


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  • Hi Sonic Boom,

    I share your experience. I am also waiting to see if my cancer has spread. Glad to hear that yours hasn't and that you have a treatment plan. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thanks so much for your welcome reply and good luck wishes Daisy53, it’s so much appreciated

  • Hi Berry55, thanks so much for your message.  I guess your diagnosis is also recent if you’re waiting for further results? It’s very scary isn’t it. I was firstly told yes it’s breast cancer but treatable, so bad news but then hope.  Then lymph node result made it terrifying about spread until the further results, it was hard to get through the days while waiting. I had to try and think what is there is there, I have to try and whatever comes.  Getting back to a treatment plan was a massive weight lifted.

    Are you likely to find out soon? I do feel for you and just try to have hope if you can

  • *try and face whatever comes

  • Hi berry55 and 

    sonic boom

    I am waiting test results for spread too. Not sleeping and cannot think of anything else atm. So sorry we are all facing this. Feels like horrible limbo..sending you all  love and hugs x..

  • Hi NellyH

    i know it’s awful waiting in limbo, just trying to process breast cancer diagnosis and then not knowing what else there could be is horrible.  I tried to distract myself but it’s hard and the not sleeping is tough. Have everything crossed for you, be brave as you can X

  • Dear Sonic Boom

    I am so happy for you that you have had some good news.  I went for my first appointment last week and have a follow up next Tuesday, to hear about the histology etc.  I was hoping that I would come away from that appointment with a treatment plan but I am beginning to realist that I might have been being overly optimistic as everything seems to take so long.  The waiting is so hard - I am trying really hard to be practical about things, but the longer it goes on without knowing exactly what I am facing, the harder it is becoming to keep it out of my mind.  But, on the positive, it is great to connect with others who are facing the same challenges.  You are absolutely right - a double mastectomy is a very scary prospect, but staying alive is what counts - good luck with it all and well done for being brave xxx

  • Dear Nan28

    Thanks so much for your message, it is so so hard waiting for the further news. Remember it is only natural for our minds to start going to the place where the news could be worse, who wouldn’t be anxious facing such prospects. Any plan of action seems preferable to being in the dark. It seems forever but will be here soon, take one day or even one hour at a time whenever you can. There are others who know exactly what you’re going through. I couldn’t do much but walking in nearby park felt better being close to nature, even if I was crying some of the time whilst walking 
    Wishing you calmness and strength X

  • Thank you so much! That is exactly it. I’m feeling better today, but yesterday was a dark day indeed. Thank you once again for your kind words xxx