Lump and waiting time

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Hi im 60, I found a lump. I visited my doc about it on Friday 3rd May. He referred me for urgent appointment to the breast clinic, wanted me seen within 2 weeks.

I have family history, my mum was on here until she passed away, she had cervical when she was 32 and bc at 67. Her sister and mum both had BC and ovarian.

I received a letter for my appointment on Friday 17th, 2 weeks after being referred and my appointment isn't until 10th June. Mammogram, ultra sound and biopsy, results same day.

Is there anything I can do to be seen sooner, my head won't cope with another 3 and half weeks waiting.

Many thanks

  • Dearest    

    I am sorry you find yourself here and can imagine how your mind is racing.  

    Given your family history it does seem a long time to wait.  I was under the impression that the '2 weeks' is for the appointment to actually have the mammogram etc.

    You could phone the Breast Clinic, the contact details will be on your letter, phone them and dependant on how you feel either say your family can see the state you are in and have pushed you to phone or even say you are phoning on behalf of you (if that makes sense).  Explain about family history and the 2 week appointment and ask 'if you can be seen sooner' or ask to be put on a cancellation list.  

    Another idea is if the hospital/breast clinic isn't too far from you, you could go in and see them - this way they might book you in sooner.

    Anything is worth a try - oh and if this doesn't work contact your GP and see if they can do something. 

    I'm hoping this makes sense - only my mind says one thing and my fingers type whatever they like x
  • Hi Redc. Sorry you are here . My appointment was 3 weeks after referral by GP. I think it’s been in the press that they aim to see you in 4 weeks now , not 2. But a bit of a postcode lottery ,  .Plus we have a bank holiday week coming up Cry.Ypu counc ring and ask for a cancellation? The waiting is awful xx 

  • Thank you. I rang the clinic on Friday when the letter arrived and asked to be put on the cancellation list. I also rang my docs but he wasn't in until Monday (today). I've to phone back at 2 today if they haven't rang me. 

  • Thank you. I didn't know they aim to see you in 2, my doc just told me he wanted me to be seen in 2.

    From my referral to aappointment it will be 5 and half weeks. There are 4 rapid access breast clinics under the health authority where I am. My letter came from the nearest one, a friend had appointments at that one and at the one farthest away from us, hers was found via mamagram so a different refferal type. I don't know if my doc just picks a clinic or if it's random and at which ever as the 1st appointment.

    It's the not knowing one way or another that's hard. 2 of my sons are visiting soon, 1 at half term, one a week later, I would have preferred to have known before their visits as I haven't spoken with them yet. Plus hubby and 1 are due to go on holiday (uk) 4 days after my appointment.

    It's all my stupid fault for not seeing the doctor sooner.

  • Please don’t blame yourself , it’s likely I had mine  for months without knowing not all Show on mammograms . Han in there and try to findinice things to do with your sons x

  • I've known about it since just before Christmas. I did go to the doc in January, only 2 Dr's at our surgery, 1 is a male chauvinist who I've seen once and the other, also male, I hadn't seen before. I saw the 2nd one in January and he was so abrupt, when he asked why I was there I just blurted out that I'd come about my depression and didn't feel I could mention the lump. My hubby was with me but he didn't know anything about my lump otherwise he would have spoken up for me.

    Hubby did find out eventually and that's why I went back 2 weeks ago. The doc couldn't have been any nicer if he tried