Breast pain days following treatment !

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I have Triple negative breast cancer! 
Apparently I'm on knife edge as I have a leision in my liver approximate 5mm. 
They are treating with immunotherapy and chemotherapy and hopefully will remove from the liver. 
However when I'm on treatment my breast feels warm swells and aches has anyone experienced this during treatment? 

  •  Hi there, I had a few aches and pains but I don't recall a warm mass or swelling.  If you're concerned, have a chat with your BCN, or give the lovely folks here at Macmillan a call on 0800 808 0000. Best wishes 

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  • Thank you I spoke to a breast nurse and she said its not uncommon to have my symptoms. Its just in my mind that the lump wont shrink. Silly I know but my mind goes into overthinking.