Turkey Tail mushroom

There’s some promising results from clinical trials re Turkey Tail. I spoke to my onco about it and showed him what I’d been taking and he dismissed it out of hand as ‘vitamins’ without even really looking at it and told me to take them after chemo. 

obvs don’t want to be taking anything that the onco had advised against but I do feel he did not listen to me

anyone taking turkey tail through chemo treatment  on advice from a professional ? 

  • Hi Lucretia, I didn’t take any supplements or vitamins etc during chemo. You never know how much it interacts with the absorption or the drugs or causes problems. The only vitamin my oncologist recommended was vitamin d as my levels were low. To help my nails I used something called polybalm which was recommended to use during chemo. I used it on both finger nails and toe nails. You get two tubes so as not to cross contaminate. It is a bit expensive but it worked and I never had problems with my nails during chemo. I also used Aveeno moisturiser for hands too. 
    Hugs from cuffcake x x x x x 

  • There probably are people who did. It’s supposed to be good for HER2 positive. Eating mushrooms is generally helpful for health - so many nutritional benefits, even from the common button mushroom. You could look at other support groups and websites - try Penny Brohn, cancer active, yes to life and see if someone there can help or advise. 

    I like doing things that I could find evidence for like fasting around chemo, exercise including weights, good glucose control, good healthy diet from basic ingredients, learning to relax and deal better with stress and anxiety and so on. 

    wishing you all the best for your chemo and hope you can find the answers you need to guide you 

  • Hi Lucretia,  I would only take what is recommended by your oncologist and leave the turkey tail supplements alone. Chemo needs to be absorbed and you don’t want to do anything that could disrupt the absorption.

    Take care and good luck with everything.



  • hi, had a quick read up on turkey tails on healthline website, says the benefits are geared more toward colorectal cancers as it is gut improving, like others i would wait to add anything until you are done. 

    especially as its not considered beneficial for bc

  • Hi 

    I read up about Turkey tail for TNBC it was recommended by a lady who had it over 20 yrs ago !! It helps the immune system anti inflammatory , bowel cancers , etc.. I have bought some but I have finished my chemo , waiting for radio it does say it enhances the effects of both chemo and radio ?.I won’t take it till after I have finished treatment .