New diagnosis

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Triple negative breast cancer diagnosis 4 days ago, not coping well.  Health care professional myself and need to regain control and understanding. 

Desperate to push through required outstanding investigations and get to treatment ASAP. 

Petrified of mastectomy,  hoping for lumpectomy,  dreading chemo 

  • Hello there I’m very sorry you find yourself here with diagnosis.

     Having been through mastectomy and now on chemo I can say that in some ways early days are the worst, but once your team has treatment plan in place for you, things will become clearer and at least for me, I felt more ‘in control’ once I had a plan.

     Best wishes and hugs

  • Think because there is absolutely no cancer in my family or husbands family, just total shock.  Also had screening mammogram 6 months ago reported as normal 

  • Same here. My paternal Grandma had it but not sure if that counts statistically?

     It is a shock I know but please know you’re not alone.

    I seek reassurance I’m here and just knowing I’m not alone helps me tremendously xx

  • Still at the ffs stage, im the wrong age  for triple negative, just cant get my emotions under control 

  • My friend had triple negative several years ago.

     She’s absolutely fine now xxx

  • That's really positive to Hear. 

  • Hi 

    I was diagnosed with triple neg in March this year at the age of 58, I’m a Nurse so don’t do illness !! Had Lumpectomy in April , chemo June till sept !! Had to have another surgery in October to clear margin . Awaiting Radio and bone infusions . The waiting for treatment plan is the worse time ever , but everything is doable even the chemo . Yes there are side effects but you get well looked after by oncology team , sickness meds , bowels  either way !! Bloods etc .. 

    keep positive it’s hard and it’s ok to have good and bad days I still do now . Good luck with your journey sending you a big hug . I had genetic testing which was negative by the way xxx

  • Hi vivienne
    I was also diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer this week (3 days ago) & also work in healthcare. I'm struggling with all the waits in between the different investigations....I'm not enjoying the time I have to think! I was prepared for the diagnosis (I had a lump after all), but thought I would be able to have surgery and radiotherapy. I've just found out that chemo is recommended as part of my treatment plan (although have yet to see the oncologist) and completely share your sense of dread!
    It's encouraging to read some of the messages left here though....How is your support network?

  • Im incredibly lucky in many ways, husband,  sister, mates, semi retired nhs pension. 

    Just so emotional,  just can't hold it together,  feel like im trying to pass a degree in triple negative in a week  !! 

    Mad i know !!! Went off the deep end because the breast team wouldn't send me the histology report,  when i got it from my GP, cant understand it anyway.

    I know its about loss of control and know i have to go through the stages of grief at the diagnosis,  but knowing this stuff is not the same as being able to do it !!

  • Not at all mad! I feel absolutely fine and then I suddenly start crying out of the partner's been brilliant bless him.
    Yes! I definitely agree about the loss of control...that's a huge one for me too!