To have chemo or not :)

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Dear BC family

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy in September and at my follow up appointment I was so pleased to receive the news that they got all the nasty stuff, with good margins.  Lymph nodes were clear too.  Whoop.  

However as the mass was Grade 3, my consultant sent a biopsy for a Prosignia (think that's right) test.  I saw the Oncologist yesterday.  Apparently scoring is 1-40 no chemo, 41-60 advisory and 61+ definitely chemo. My score came in at 58.   The Oncologist recommends Chemo followed by meds and 3 weeks radiotherapy.  She said there is no 'wrong answer' but wants a yes or no to chemo by Friday.  My understanding is that chemo will only improve my chances of the cancer returning by 3-5%, with 14% chance of returning within 10 years.  No guarantee that, even if I have the chemo, it won't come back.  

Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.  


  • Julia,

    Take the chemo - I had to have it before surgery - it’s not easy but you can get through - I had 4 x 3weekly of EC followed by 12 x weekly Paclitaxel and carboplatin. Then a mastectomy and node clearance. Then 15 days of radiotherapy.

    it really is do-able. I hate needles but got through.

    Of course, it’s your choice !

     I wish you well xx