I had my surgery on Thursday and the consultant was very pleased with what she'd done. The Salvation Army captain took me in and collected me as we don't have a car. Everyone in the hospital was so lovely and my husband has been kind. Today, I feel a bit at a loose end! Not sure how to describe it but I feel a bit empty!

  • Hi, 

    It is good your surgery went well and Consultant pleased. I’m still in middle of surgeries/treatment so don’t have that feeling this time. However in 2013 and the end of radiotherapy I did feel just like you describe. I felt lost as the regularity of appointments was over. All I can say is it didn’t last long, and life returned to normal. I hope it’s like this for you soon. Once you feel up to it maybe arrange a special day out? 

    I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    Best wishes, Karen xx

  • Thank you so much - it's helpful to know I'm not alone. A special day out is a good idea and I will talk to my husband about it as I know he will like to do something. One of our neighbours called a little while ago with some flowers which have brightened the room and that's helped too!

  • Hi, glad your surgery went well. I found myself a bit bored after surgery, and very aware of not moving around too much. I took advantage of reading and watching tV.  Hope you can relax and recover well

  • Thank you. Yes I am trying to take advantage of reading and watching TV but at the moment it is a bit tiring.