Lymph nodes Clearance

Hi all

So, I was diagnosed with breast Cancer for the second time. This time it's in both breasts. I've just had an operation to remove the lumps and some lymph nodes and while still in theatre it was discovered that there were cancerous cells in 1 of the lymph nodes from the left side so they did a node clearance. I had intraoperative radiotherapy and will have radiotherapy for the right side at a later date. I'm struggling with the fact my boobs are different sizes and shape, but my big worry is what it means for my left arm! I don't have any lymph nodes there now. 

It is early days and we still have the rest of the results to come back

I'm worried about what the future might hold

  • Yeah, and waiting for results, again. Do they already know if this is the same type of cancer as before?

    Have you been given any instructions by your team regarding the left arm? I am thinking of certain precautions and and some possible steps to avoid trouble with that arm. Here is information from Macmillan on some of that. 

    On the different looking boobs, plastic surgery may be an option, but I wouldn't be surprised if you say you've had enough surgery already. The only other option I can think of are finding the right bra to help create an equal appearance, although that does not solve it all the way.

  • Hey Greycats 

    I've been given lots of info but haven't taken it all in. I'm seeing my breast care team on Tuesday for a check up and a good chat, which should help

    I will be chatting about my options on the boobs being different but I'll have to wait for results before a definite decision can be made. 

  • I had right mastectomy in Nov 2021 I have religiously done my exercises but I still get swelling and tightness across my chest and in armpit. I had 6/6 chemo and the steroids seem to make me swell up too. I now have to go through radiotherapy so see what happens there. I walk my dog every afternoon too. I am overweight and will try to address this when treatment done, don't think I can cope with that at the mo. I also have hormone tabs but hope weight gain won't be an issue but fear it may be. I do worry about lymphoedema .I have had some cording but did exercises to sort this. Good luck x

  • A lot of different things going on all at the same time -- waiting for final results and exact proposed treatment plan, the arm, the shapes/sizes. I hope Tuesday helps put more clarity into at least some of it, and I hope you will update here after the appointment, especially about how you are doing after the appointment.

  • Steroids can do that sometimes, and it's really not great that it happens right on top of dealing with swelling and tightness from the surgery. Good to hear you were able to get over the cording issue!

    With all the chemo and hormones and everything that cancer can throw at a body, I am impressed you are able to walk the dog, this is a real bonus. Prior to cancer I used to be able to walk for miles. Now I am only just starting to venture out, but hoping to regain more and more of the old abilities in time.

  • Thanks x I haven't started the Letrozole yet as am going to as Radiotherapy whether to wait till done or start them and I may not be able to walk as far as I understand they can effect joint pain.  It certainly is a journey and Covid restrictions haven't helped. Walking the dog was a good way of seeing my grandchildren without too much risk. I do so hope you can get sorted it is a brutal ride but hope we have good results for all we have been through and still going through. Take care xx

  • Hi, 

    So the appointment was ok

    I had a really long chat with the breast care team. Was really helpful.  They've told me to call them any time and I'm actually waiting for them to call me back today 

    I have some very uncomfortable swelling on the left side and I can actually hear a horrible sloshing sound at certain times. Really weird

    Getting used to the whole situation now! But still need you guys

  • Thanks for updating, and brilliant to read that the appointment went really well! I am very pleased with your team's attitude.

    I hope they can do something about the swelling, or that the fluid re-absorbs soon.

  • I had that sloshing with swelling -its a little disconcerting but settles as the fluid in your chest wall clears. xx

  • Hey GreyCats 

    Just thought I'd update you. I had some results back this week! On the left side I had 10 lymph nodes removed and only 1 had cancerous cells, the rest were clear. The margin around the lump was also clear

    The right side is a little more complicated. While the lymph nodes and margin were clear, it is HER2  positive and was grade 2.  It is very likely Herceptin (and possibly chemotherapy) , radiotherapy are all being looked at. The consultant was brilliant. She had only just gotten the results  back but they hadn't been discussed at the big weekly meeting they usually have because they weren't received until the day after. She was still very aware of my need to know what was going on and said that the final decisions were between myself and the oncologist 

    I have to admit to a certain amount of relief but also some nervousness about the upcoming treatment 

    You'll have to forgive me if any of this is confusing as I'm still digesting what was said

    Hope you're OK