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Hi there

I am new to this forum although was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer, ER + & HER2 borderline at the beginning of April 24. I have had a lumpectomy & sentinel node removal - 5 weeks ago today. I still haven't had my test results & treatment plan. Today I was told samples were being sent off to California for a Onco Type DX test and I will have a further 2- 3 week wait now. The waiting & co sta t moving of the goal posts is driving me insane. Has anyone else had this test? 

  • Hi Carina.

    I had a SMX in February and also an onco type test sorry to say it took 6 weeks for my results so totally understand your anxiety but it was worth the wait no chemo needed.

    Keep strong luv it will all work out. You can do thisMuscleMuscle

    Luv and best wishes.

  • Hi, I had the same test and it took 4 weeks. The cut off number is 25, less than that chemo is not so beneficial. I was 21 which may sometimes considered to be border line but because of my age it was considered that the benefits of chemo were outweighed by the side effects.  I am having three weeks of radiotherapy in a fortnight.  The worst thing for everyone is the waiting for results but I have found they move quickly when they know and it is better to be thorough than have the wrong treatment. Thinking of you and hope it comes soon.xx

  • Oh no, another 6 weeks is a long time when I've already waited 5! Did they send yours to California for testing? 

  • Thank you, I hope your radiotherapy goes as smoothly as possible xxx

  • Hi carina

    yes I had the trst done I was lucky it came back quite quickly , but your right it goes to the states and depending on the score  that decides the treatment plan if you need chemo or just Radiotherapy

    It’s difficult the waiting game but you got this stay strong xx

  • It takes about 10 days but the delay is getting someone to read it and report on it, feed back to MDT.

  • I found the waiting to be the worst part of the experience. It felt as if I was always waiting for something, Tests, operation, more tests, operation, yet more tests…..

    The last one was the oncotype test, but it was worth the wait as it showed I didn’t need chemo. 

    Whilst you’re in the middle of it each wait feels like forever, but hang on in there.