Scan 4 weeks ago and now found lump

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Hi, so tearful and scared as I write this

I am 38, have one beautiful daughter -16, and didn’t breast feed and am not on any contraception.

So for weeks I’ve been experiencing random pains in my right breast. I had a breast specialist a month ago, mammogram and ultrasound of both breasts and all was ok.

However upon being breast aware and doing my checks. I was feeling my left breast, not the painful one, and squeezed it and felt a very palpable lump, the scary thing is I wouldn’t feel it doing my normal breast exam unless laying down, pushing harder or squeezing.

I’m so so scared I feel silly that so much time was focused on the right breast and that the left one was probably just skimmed and they’ve missed this.

I have been referred to a breast clinic after an online drs consultation so I am waiting for that to come through, but of course I’ve googled and given its placement, 12 o clock position above nipple, and it’s feel I have already talked myself into the worst

I have an appointment today at a breast clinic. 

  • Hi,  sorry to hear your stress.

    Try to focus on positive here. You had checks last month and all clear. It could be a wee cyst. If not it sounds like you have detected it really quickly, which is also good.

    If you have a breast appointment today that's brilliant. Hopefully they will be able to reassure you.

    Good luck let us know how you get on. Sending positive vibes your way xx

  • Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it. I’m in a bit of a state and feeling consumed with it all already. Trying to stay off google as that’s the first place I turned and scared myself lots. I’ll definitely let you know how I get on xxx

  • Don't do Google I've deliberately stayed away from there. Listen to the Dr's and nurses.

    Also if you had a mammogram they check both breast the same. They don't just focus on the one you feel may be problematic. Sounds like all was clear.

    Good luck. I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thank you so much xxx 

  • So the ultrasound confirmed it is a solid mass they wouldn’t do a mammogram as only had one last month but have had a core biopsy. So so scared Cry 

  • Did they give any reason as to why mammogram didn't pick it up.

    Fingers crossed its not what you think it is. However if it is you've caught it early. This is not something anyone wants to deal with but you are strong and you will deal with everything. One step at a time. When I had my mammogram and scan they told me it was cancer before I even had the biopsy. They apparently can tell what they are looking at.

    The biopsy results for me confirmed type.

    Even if it is positive there are lots of different breast cancers and they are all treatable when caught early.

    Contact the macmillan nurses on here either by telephone or chat online they are brilliant at reassuring and very informative.

    I will cross my fingers for you it's nothing serious. Please use the support on this forum.

    Maybe others have had similar experiences they could share with you xx

  • Hi Knicnic,

    I had a lumpectomy just over two months ago and some lymph nodes removed. It is a bit scary when you are waiting to be told, but if it turns out to be the worse case scenario, there is a lot you can do to help yourself and it is important you take a bit of time to let it register and sink in. It is also important to ask the the Doctors and Breast Cancer Nurses any questions you may have, they won’t think anything you say is silky and are very understanding.

    You have made the first big step by finding the Macmillan site, also do visit your nearest Macmillan centre, a list is on here, or ring them on 0808 808 0000, they are superbly helpful and give you lots of great info, do walks, talks and lots more. Please also get a good support structure in place, family, friends, good work colleagues, I’ve lived on my own for nigh on forty years, but realised you can’t do this on your own. I also go for a short walk every day (British weather permitting) and do a daily diary, this is mega helpful, as it gets everything off your chest and out of your system. It is important during the day to keep yourself occupied, hobbies, interests etc., it stops you from dwelling on what is going on. You may also find it beneficial to listen to a meditation podcast, they really help you to relax especially when you are trying to get to sleep. I use one called ‘Go Gently’ by Christine Elizabeth Smith, it does a lot for me.

    I know it’s hard sometimes, but try and keep as positive as you possibly can, have positive people around you and dump the negativity, above all, be kind to yourself - I promise you, you will get through this. You are never alone and can always come and chat to us shower in here.

    Fingers crossed that all goes well.

    Take care and big

  • They were trying to get my mammogram results but said it will take time as coming from a different hospital. My husband is upset this was missed on two scans last month, but perhaps it’s quick growing and wasn’t there? 

    I am just trying my best to stay in the moment and off google. I keep telling myself no one is promised a tomorrow. 

    Thank you so much for replying xx

  • The waiting for results is a worry. I find my anxiety increases each time. One minute I'm fine then I'm an anxious wreck. It's a roller coaster of emotions. Everyone on all the forums say the same. 

    Accept the support of family and macmillan nurses. Be kind to yourself.

    You caught it early if it is anything which is a bonus. Treatments are way better than they used to be. Breast cancers are well researched with various Treatment options.

    Stay away from Google I am to afraid to look things up. I'm just taking it step by step trying to remain positive. Which is hard at times.

    Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. Sending positive vibes your way.

    Have a wee pamper session and try to relax. Today you are well. Xx

  • Thank you! I definitely will try and stay away from google. My daughter has taken it badly and is 16, she is very scared and so I am trying to be strong for her too.

    We are meant to be going on holiday in just over two weeks and I feel like I’ve thrown that into doubt, so that’s hard too. 

    Thank you for being so kind xxx