Waiting for my breast clinic appointment

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I’ve just joined this forum after spending far too much time scrolling through Dr Google! I know it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do, but I can’t seem to help myself. It’s a mixture of wanting to feel informed of what to expect (whatever the results) and looking for reassurance that it’s nothing to be concerned about. 
I had a bright red patch (3-4 cm) on my breast last Monday, no lump or anything so I presumed I’d leant on something or knocked into something without realising. The next day it was still bright red but there was a small hard lump there. The redness faded over a few days leaving just the lump. I was on a school residential at the time so had a video gp appointment mainly for reassurance and to see if I could start the process of a referral if needed. Needless to say, the appointment had opposite effect. 
The doctor said I really needed to return home straight away (I was due to return home with the children the next evening). She was concerned that I’d waited 2 days before getting in touch. Since then I’ve had several phone calls which in part is due to going private so it’s doubled up the contact as the NHS have also called a couple of times. All of this has sent me into a tailspin and although I only have to wait for a week for my one stop appointment (2 weeks after noticing) it feels so far away. I know this sounds dramatic as I appreciate that I’m lucky for having a relatively short wait. It’s like an ear-worm constantly present whatever I’m doing. 
The lump feels hard and like the end of my finger deep within the breast tissue, so only small. although last night it felt a bit bigger along the side of it. It didn’t feel moveable but now I think it is, as sometimes it’s more obvious than other times. It appears closer to the surface at times and other times it’s harder to find as it’s deeper a I don’t know if this is the position I was in when feeling. My breast is tender, and feels bruised/burning but I think that’s where I keep checked and prodding as it didn’t hurt before. Logically I know I need to stop feeling it (and stop reading about it) but it’s really hard as it’s constantly on my mind. I also know that the vast majority of lumps are harmless, but the reaction of the two doctors I’ve spoken to has increased my anxiety. I guess I’m just looking for reassurance that someone else had similar symptoms and it was nothing bad. 
I'm so sorry for the long post. You’re reading just part of my endless stream of thoughts, panic, and what ifs. My husband is being really supportive and is listening but I’m trying not to talk only about this - even though I’m only thinking about this. 
Thank you for reading/listening. 
Suz x

  • Hi Suz,

    I had a red mark on one breast with no lump. I went to doc to be told it was nothing to worry about however the lump on my other breast thst I was unaware of turned out to be cancer. My appointments moved quickly biopsy 20th reports 30 op the 5th results of that were to be the 20th however telephoned me 13th to tell me results and I now need chemo appointment for that is now the 20th. I think they try to hurry appointments quickly to either rule it out and reassure you or get you into treatment ASAP.

    My head is all o er now also and I'm petrified at the thought of chemo and all the side effects. So I know what you mean with your head going everywhere. I have deliberately not googled anything as my nurse said not to. To listen to consultant.

    Please try to take co.fort that you have a good team around you and will do their best to get to the bottom of it. On some of the forums people were saying they were left in limbo with little support and big breaks between appointments. Maybe we are lucky in our areas that the process is speedy for us.

    Fingers crossed all goes well for you. Use this forum and don't go self diagnosing I know its hard not to.  But try to distract yourself and be kind to yourself. 

    P.s I have one nurse in one area who is lovely and another lady who told me all the facts (that's her job) but that put the fear of God in me. I am trying to take one step at a time xx

  • Thank you so much for taking time to reply. Sending you virtual hugs for what you’re going through. Xx

  • I also hope all goes well. You can keep us update on the forum but also seek support and chat whilst waiting. Sending positive vibes your way xx

  • Hi SuzJ

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you are facing a diagnosis of breast cancer.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your appointment and hopefully things will be ok for you.

    Best wishes


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  • I received a call today and there was a cancellation so thankfully was seen today.
    There were a couple of lumps that are 50/50 likely to be benign. The consultant said that on their scale of concern it would be a 3/5…not clearly cancerous because of it being more rounded. If I was younger and in my 20s (I’m 51) then it would look like a couple of fybroadenomas(?) .
    They took a couple of biopsies from the lymph node whi was slightly thickened and the main lump. I have to go back next week for the results and a 3rd biopsy.

    I’m feeling positive though and both consultants were lovely. Although there’s no answers until next week, at least I’m a week ahead of what I expected  

  • That sounds very promising. Glad you been seen. Hoping all goes well for you xx

  • That sounds good. Best of luck with your results next week.


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