Hello anyone out there struggling??? I am Had surgery and treatment but now I feel lost and scared as appointments have stopped.

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I have now finished treatment and back at work but I feel worse than ever. 1st anniversary of diagnosis has passed and. Felt sick. 
willl it come back?

Will it get me?

can I live now?

can my family live now?

feel left out in the cold 

  • Hi fluffy52

    Sorry you feel left out. I believe you said you've had your treatment and now clear. That's great. You will get regular check ups. Please try to stay in the here and now. You have beat this. 

    Go enjoy your life, although yourself time to recover and enjoy your family time.

    Continue to use the supports. You've taken a huge step now.

    Good luck with your life your own again, go enjoy xx

  • Hi Flyffy52  I can remember how that felt, I did a couple of "moving forward courses" with different charities which helped a lot so that might be worth a try, I am a few years further down the line than you and it does get easier, life will just carry you forward and you should defo start living your best life, none of us know what lies in store for us but every morning you wake up could be the best day of your life so enjoy it.  Love from Ann

  • Hi Fluffy52, I'm just slightly earlier in the journey, coming up to my first yearly check after treatment next month and I feel just as you do.  Sending huge hugs x

  • Hi fluffy52,

    I am exactly where you are in this journey none of us wanted to have! I keep asking myself the same questions! I had a mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction 12 months ago, but they couldn't achieve clear margins so I had to have 8 cycles of chemotherapy and 15 sessions of radiotherapy. Now I am on Letrozole and Abemaciclib which I tolerate quite well. I am trying my hardest to stay positive and distract myself by doing what I love and what brings me joy. My family is extremely supportive which I am so grateful for. I have good days and bad days, but I also read stories here about incredible ladies with very advanced cancer who are now in remission so this really gives me hope. Enjoy your life and hope for the best, being positive does help a lot! So many people feel like you do, you are not alone! Get on with your life and enjoy what you love as much as you can! All the very best!

    Lana xx

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    Thank you for your reply Lana65. I wish you all the best. xx

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    Thank you Angie123, I wish you all the best. X

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    Thank you Farmerann, I wish you all the best. X

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    Thank you Missymolly  All the best for the future x

  • Hi, I am three years (almost to the day) since my mastectomy and axillary clearance. Before then, I had 5 months chemo, as I was diagnosed January 2021. I remember being exactly where you are, a year after diagnosis, and if I’m honest, probably for another 18 months after that, although my feelings around this improved very slowly, bit by bit. I found it hard to enjoy myself and move forward, despite knowing that what people were telling me was positive advice. Now, I am much better, and can now make plans beyond a week or two ahead. Im now interested in things that are more than a month ahead, and put them in my diary. I don’t take them too seriously until nearer the time (unless it’s something important) but that’s not a bad as it sounds, because it doesn’t tie me in, and I choose to go to small social events, or not, depending on what else I might have on. But before, it was just a few days ahead, and sometimes half a day. I would literally take each day as it came. My son says that I have pretty much returned to who I was before, but there are some improvements (I am no longer a workaholic - I went part time and realise I should have done that years ago). I also really appreciate the small things in life - a nice cuppa and a biscuit, a library book, a little bird on my feeder for example. But he also said that I have lost confidence in some ways, and maybe that might not return fully. Although things tend to get better with time, I guess that for many of us, uncertainty and fearing the worst never really leaves you completely. What you are experiencing is very normal. What you went through was a major trauma and shock. Be kind to yourself. Xx

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for giving hope. You are all doing well and have overcome this horrible disease.

    I am at the start of my journey. Have had lumpectomy and removal of sentinels. 

    I now need to discuss chemo next week. However I am taking comfort that you have been there and fought this and now coming out the other side.

    If I'm honest I'm petrified at the thought chemo and the side effects but will try to take one step at a time.

    Take care all and enjoy your recovery I hope to join you all in that soon xx