Looks like round 2 - here we go again :-(

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Hi all,

Not been on here for 4 yrs after my first dcis diagnosis which was 15cm of which I had a mastectomy with immediate diep reconstruction followed by 6wks of daily radiotherapy. 

Soo - had my annual mammogram on the remaining original boob on 28th then this Wednesday got a call saying can I go back in the morning for further tests. Went in and had the repeat mammogram, an ultra sound and then biopsy followed by pins being put in for easy location guide. I’ve been shown and told about a 1cm mass they have picked up on which wasn’t there last yr. Now got to wait upto 2 weeks for the results. Since then my head is a total shed, I don’t know if I can really wait that long. I go from forgetting for an hour or so then boom I remember and have meltdowns. I know from last time that the delays can’t be helped but just the thought that I have to go through it all again is killing me! I’m a single mum of a 10yr daughter and don’t want to have to put her through all that again let alone my retired parents and my partner of a year.. I know everyone around me say they are there for me but how can I lean on them when they went through it all last time and are already worried sick if I have it again.. sorry, know we are all here for similar things but just need an outlet so I don’t worry my loved ones further x

  • sorry to hear that you have this stress again and keeping my fingers crossed for you 

  • Hi Willowwoo,

    Sorry to hear you are going through this again. I hope you get your results and treatments quickly. You did it once before you will do it again. This is a journey noone wants to take. Take the support from the group and the staff. Fingers crossed all goes well for you xx

  • Hi Anji, thank you for your kind message. Crossed fingers and toes are much appreciated xx

  • Hi MissMolly, Thank you for your kind message. Think it’s the waiting for results that can be more of a worry than the actual treatment. So many thoughts and scenarios running through my head. Least once I know what’s what I will have a plan of action. Once again all crossed fingers and toes are much appreciated xx 

  • Fingers and toes crossed.

    I agree the waiting is the worst. Hopefully not too long. Sending healing vibes xx

  • So sorry to hear this can totally relate to how you are feeling . Take strength from the fact that you can do this . Everyone will be there for you . My Macmillan centre has helped me so much It might be helpful to you because you can talk about anything. 
    Wishing you all the best barb1 

  • Wishing you all the best. The waiting is awful. You have got this. If something is there - you have got this. You know it got treated before and it can again. Xx

  • Hi, so sorry to hear what you're going through. It's my first day on this forum and I can't believe how many ladies are going through similar situations. It it very stressful but this forum makes you feel you're not alone. I send you lots of strength.  I was disagonsed recently with extensive DCIS in the ducts of 10cm intermediate grade non invasive. I've been told I need a mastectomy. I need to decide if I have immediate reconstruction or wait and whether I have implant or tummy diep. I'm nudging towards diep reconstruction and waiting to see the surgeon who can discuss with me further. My only concern is, if I opt for immediate reconstruction, that should I need radiotherapy and I have to wait until I've healed to receive radiotherapy am I putting myself at risk. It's such a hard decision. X

  • Hi Hel2000,

    Thank you for your lovely message. I’m so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and sounds like exactly what I had. I opted for the immediate diep reconstruction and only delayed the radiotherapy by a few months. Only you can decide what is best for you, but for me I thought best to get everything done in one go then a bit of time out to recovery before the zapping commenced. How are you feeling? Try not to worry in silence, I found this site really good last time and even just to vent helps. Xx