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I thought I’d take the time to post as I’ve found the forum really helpful when I’ve had questions, or just wanted to see how others are dealing with their treatment.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 30th April, and had my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy at the end of May. I’m 6 days post surgery, and just been to see the district nurse to get my dressings changed/removed. 

I was lucky enough to catch my tumour early. It was 1.4m, and grade 1. Treatment plan is surgery then radiotherapy assuming all is clear. I’m 42 and have been blown away by the different cancers and treatment plans. 

Right now I’m trying to figure out if/when to shower, what to do about deodorant, the small stuff Joy

  • Hi Friendly_Fighter. Sorry you've joined the club no one wants to join. 

    When / if to shower might be small stuff, but it's important. At times, I've found the small stuff is what's kept me going. And helpful people, such as you find on this forum. 

    I had similar treatment to you, and was tempted to underplay it. But people at my local Maggie's Centre wouldn't hear of it. They said "Cancer is cancer. Everyone diagnosed with cancer is in shock, and then your life is turned upside down. None of you planned to be here, and all of you have had to change your plans." 

    I pass that on, because I think I hear a little echo in you of what I thought:  "Other people have it so much worse than me, I should be able to cope." 

    Forgive me if I'm wrong. I hope I am. 

    Wishing you all the best. Please be gentle with yourself and try to take each day as it comes  Hugging 

  • Thanks Bear and Tilly, you are right, I have been through that thought process! But funnily enough it was some conversations on here that have helped me work through that, and realise exactly what you say. 

    Really appreciate you reaching out. 

  • Hi Friendly_Fighter,

    I went through a similar operation nearly two months ago and start my radiotherapy next week. I hope you are healing well and taking things easy.

    When I showered, a day or so after the op, I just used the shower head to wash bottom half and used a flannel with some tea tree antiseptic wash on the top half. I just used a warm flannel around the wounds to keep it clean and under that arm too. Please do not use a deodorant under the arm were you have had your operation. I was told by the Doctor not to and it should confirm this in the notes you have been given, wait until it is completely healed and the Doctor gives you the okay.

    I changed my dressings every three days or so, as they can get grubby, especially the one under the arm were you get sweaty. They finally came off for good two weeks ago at my check up.

    I will be keeping everything crossed for you and don’t forget to come and chat at anytime.

    Take care and big


  • Hi Boobybabe2,

    I can’t tell you how helpful this is! The thing that has me slightly curious is the district nurse removed both dressings and Steri-Strips and then only recovered the dressing on my breast, but left the one under my arm completely bare. Said it was healing Ok so didn’t need a dressing. Just feels slightly too soon (day 6) versus what I’m reading for others. It felt tacky last night, and I just spent the whole evening worrying about it getting dirty. Don’t want to undo the hard work! 

    The nurse gave me some extra dressings (just in case) so will just put one back on the under arm 

    I’ve been having shallow baths up until now and washing my hair carefully with the shower head, so will keep doing that for a bit and might invest in some tea tree antiseptic wash! 

    Thank you ! 

  • No worries hun, anytime. I would keep an eye on the tackiness and if it gets any worse, ring your Breast Cancer Nurse.

    When I was in bed till it healed, I wore a soft bralette or something just to keep it protected, found this helped.

    My best wishes to